Sunday, 31 July 2016

John Key's visit to Indonesia🇳🇿

Today I read news article about John Keys visit to Indonesia. Here is the article.

John Key's visit to Indonesia

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key has recently completed a trans-continental trip.
His two-week tour started with a visit to Europe, a continent still grappling with the fallout of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Key then spent three days in Indonesia to talk trade and greater cooperation.
Indonesia has a population of 250 million and an economy predicted to be the world’s seventh-largest by 2030. Indonesia is seen as a country with huge opportunities for Kiwi exporters which hasn’t quite lived up to its potential.
Indonesia has a strong economy with annual growth at about 6 percent. The Government is keen to strengthen New Zealand’s trade relationships with Indonesia.
Indonesia’s large population is made up largely of young people. This provides strong opportunity for growth with Indonesia in the international education industry.
More than 30,000 Indonesian tertiary students are currently studying offshore – but less than one percent of them have chosen to study in New Zealand. The challenge is a lack of awareness of New Zealand as a study destination.
New Zealand currently provides 50 scholarships each year to Indonesian students for postgraduate study.

Hundreds die in Chinese floods🌊🌊

I read another article about the death of many in the Chinese floods in Central China. Reading this article I felt devastated for those who died and whom's houses were destroyed.

Hundreds die in Chinese floods

Floods in north and central China have killed at least 150 people, with more missing and hundreds of thousands forced from homes.
Hebei and Henan provinces are the worst hit by the flash floods and landslides.
At least 53,000 houses have been destroyed in Hebei.
Henan province has been badly hit too, with 72,000 people evacuated.
There have been power cuts and major problems with the communications and transport networks across a wide area.
The summer rains have been especially heavy in China this year.
Flash floods hit India
It has estimated that more than 1.5 million hectares of crops have been damaged and said direct economic losses exceed $3bn.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sound experiment!⏱⏱🔦

Today for science we had done an experiment about sound.

Resources needed:
Sugar grains

1. Firstly, cut of the top of one balloon.

2.Then put the top bit of the balloon you cut on top of the jar like an lid. Before moving onto our next step, make sure the jar sounds like a drum.

3.Next, put a little amount of grain sugar on top of your mini drum and  hum. Observe to see what happens.

Our Results:

At first my group thought that the experiment was actually working until we found out that it was our noses making the sugar move.

Later on we found out that the experiment was false and also correct. We weren't very sure if it was the air from our noses or from the wind for we were standing outside. Miss.Stone had researched the author and found out that her published children s book about science. Also we watched a video where a man experimented the experiments in the exact book we used for our experiment. I'm not sure what to believe but I have to research more.

Our groups outcome of making our mini drum

Monday, 25 July 2016

Geometry Lesson‼

This terms focus in maths is Geometry. Geometry is one of my favourite but also hardest math genre. Today, we were learning about varieties of shapes, and things like Quadrilateral an Polygons. Our task was to cut out and name the different shapes. Then order them the way we wanted to. It was an fun and interesting maths lesson for I learned a lot of different names of shapes as well as the different parts of a shape.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Day 7~My own sport~Paralympics

My Task for today:

Imagine that you are on the Paralympic Committee and you have been asked to create one new sport to add to the competition for this year. Use your awesome imagination to design a brand new Paralympic sport. Please remember that some of the athletes will not be able to walk or run and others may be blind or deaf. On your blog, please write:

  1. The name of your sport,
  2. A brief description of how you play the sport, and
  3. Three rules for the sport

My sport isn't really "my" own sport. It is called Lacrosse. This game involves:
-Lacrosse Stick
-Shoulder Pads
-Elbow Pads

This sport is a contact sport but I am going to change it up a little bit. For this sport only athletes who can not run or walk are allowed to play for they would be playing on wheel chairs. Same rules apply for this sport. Though it would be hard holding a stick in your hands while trying to drive the wheel chair, it will be such a challenge.

3 Rules

-No contact involved
-Must pass the light ball at least 5 times before scoring
-Only athletes who cannot walk or run

Hope you enjoy reading my remixed sport

Photo Image
Image result for Lacrosse

Day 7~Fundraising~Paralympics

Activity 2: It is very expensive for each of the Paralympic athletes to fly from New Zealand to Rio de Janeiro to compete.  Most athletes have to fundraise in order to make the money that they need to go on the big trip. Recently, Harvey Norman announced that they will be helping to raise funds for the New Zealand Paralympic team. What could you do to help raise funds to support our amazing Paralympic athletes? On your blog, list 2 different ways in which you, your family or friends could raise money to support the athletes.

Firstly I would have fundraisers at school such as sausage sizzles, school fair and fia fia nights.
Secondly just raise money at home with my family. Go to markets to sell my mum's homemade keke esite, garage sale or raise money on the net(The give a little website).

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Day 7~Who to choose~Paralympics

Today's Task:
Activity 1: At the first ever Paralympic Games in Rome, the athletes competed in eight sports. Cycling was one of them. For the cycling event, two people compete together as a team – one of the people has a disability and the other does not. Here is a picture of a para-cycling team from New Zealand:

At the moment the most famous para-cycling team in New Zealand is comprised of two female athletes – Emma Foy and Laura Thompson. Emma is blind but Laura is not. Together they work as an amazing team. Imagine that you were asked to compete in a tandem cycling event and you had to choose one person to compete with. Who would it be? On your blog, tell us who you would compete with and why. If it was me, I would choose my son, Aronui because he’s pretty fast and very funny. He would make me laugh as we biked along and would be very supportive and encouraging! I know that I could trust him to be a good teammate. Who would you choose?

I would choose my dad. First of all because m dad is so supportive of me and my siblings. He is funny aand cracks jokes when ever he can. But also because he has such great sportsmanship, whether he loses or wins.

Day 4~Movie Review~Be the Inspiration

The New Zealand Olympic Team has created a video called #Be The Inspiration. They have posted it on the homepage of their website (on the left hand side). Watch the Be the Inspiration video and then post a critique of the video on your blog. In your critique tell us what you liked about the video and what you didn’t like. It is very common for movie reviewers to use stars to indicate how much they liked a movie. A rating of * = very bad movie, ** = bad movie, *** = okay movie, **** = good movie, and ***** = very good movie. At the end of your critique, please provide a rating for the Be The Inspiration movie.

The video was very inspiring. The words the man spoke were also inspiring "They sit above a land that defines us a nation". It explains how our sporting heroes has taught inspiration from this land. Also how our land gives us the time to think, move and adapt.

I rate this movie a 10/10.*****

Day 6~Story Ending~Entertaining the Crowd

Imagine that you are sitting in the crowd at the opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics this August. The ceremony has just started and all of the Olympic athletes are parading around the stadium in their uniforms when all of a sudden…

I have to finish of the short story with at least 10-20 lines.

.......A jet flew by. Underneath the jet, a door opened and slime oozed out. The jet flew in circles covering all the athletes with green and slimy slime. As everyone cried in horror, they got as many of the slime of their uniforms. Everyone seemed to be frustrated for their uniforms were wrecked. What a waste of time preparing their uniforms. Calls were made out of Rio and frustration spread like butter on toast. Then another jet flew by but they were all ready to face whatever was next. In a matter of seconds water came down from the jet and as the water touched the slime, the slime dissolved. Everyone ran to the center of the stadium and got very wet. Their uniforms soon looked brand new and better than ever. Still, their uniforms were a little damp. Turned out that the whole jet thing was to just clean all their uniforms. Everyone thought"What an odd way to clean out uniforms?", "Why did they choose to clean our uniforms while we were still wearing it?". No questions were answered, but the show continued.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Day 6~Who to invite?~Entertaining the crowd

Today's task:
In the opening ceremony for the London Olympics there were a number of famous English people including the Queen, the Spice Girls, David Bowie, U2, the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney. Imagine that we were going to host the Olympics here in New Zealand in 2024 and you were invited to be on the committee that decides who is invited to participate in the opening ceremonies. As a member of the group you must choose one of the following people to be in the opening ceremony: Richie McCaw (rugby player), Lorde (singer), Kane Williamson (cricket player), Maria Tutaia (netball player), John Key (prime minister of New Zealand) or Shaun Johnson (league player). On your blog, tell us who you think is the best person to choose and explain why you think that they are the best choice!

I would choose John Key. Though he's not everybody's favourite I would still invite him because well he is the Prime minister so why not invite the man who makes the decisions in our country, though sometimes bad decisions. But he is still our prime minister. 

(I still have hopes up for Lorde to attend the ceremony)

Day 6~Entertaining the crowd

I will be judging and rating the NZ team uniforms for the Olympics from, 2012, 2008 and 2004. Here are the uniforms.

New Zealand Team Uniform – London Olympics 2012

Image result for New Zealand Team Uniform – London Olympics 2012
Let's just say that this is a fashion upset. I really don't get the patterns used on the dresses, I don't know but the dresses are not good. Though I do love the blazers. I give these uniforms a 5/10. (Worst)

New Zealand Team Uniform – Beijing Olympics 2008

These outfits are colourful and I think they are matching it too much Though I do love the symbols and the use of the colours. I give this outfit a 7/10.

New Zealand Team Uniform – Athens Olympics 2004

Image result for New Zealand Team Uniform –  Athens Olympics 2004

Now I think this look is the best for it's very simple. I like how they used just black and white and the eegant skirts the women are wearing.