Thursday, 26 May 2016

Netball extravaganza

For Kiwi sport today we were playing Netball as usual. Our coach Anne set up exciting activities for us that Room 7 enjoyed alot.

Today’s session was very fun, we got to defend and attack our opponents as well as using quick speed. The activity’s we played were shadow follower, intercept activity, four corner attack and a shooting game. My favourite activity was the shooting game. We were split into two even teams and was numbered 1-13 in our teams. The aim of the game was to pass the ball according to the order that we were standing in and when the ball reached through everyone the person whose number got called had to go inside the semicircle and shoot. They had two attempts to get the ball through the hoop. If the got the ball in on the first attempt then their team got two points and if they get it on the second attempt then their teams got one point. At the end of the day our team won because we strategized and cooperated on how we were to get the ball to the shooter. The points were 24-15.

I also learnt how to intercept the ball at the right time that way the ball doesn’t come flying at my head. It was a fun experience and I am definitely looking forward for next week where we are going to play some real games of Netball.  Game on!
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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Netball session

I have been waiting for this moment since the start of the year. An actual sport I am capable of following without getting tired. Today room 7 got the opportunity to take part in a netball session, learning how to pivot, rotating in the air and landing properly. Our netball coach is called Anne.

My favourite part of the whole session was our fun game at the end, which is called Netball rugby. Netball rugby is quite simple, it's just like normal Netball but with one rugby rule. Which is that we start of by doing a side line throw in. We were split into two evenly teams, where each team had to score at the opposite teams rectangular box drawn just above the netball post. When I say score I mean we had to bounce the ball in the rectangular box.

We started of great ahead by three points but the other team worked cooperatively and managed to get ball to their goal. But we used the strategy of Attackers and defenders which worked very well. We ended up at nine to seven(to us) with only one more goal left. Lio passed the ball to Miami. Miami was just a meter away so he passed it to Mafoa who accidentaly let the ball go over his shoulder, but just in time to save the day I swooped in, catched the ball and victory shone like gold.

I really enjoyed our netball session because it was fun and I learnt new skills. I learnt that the fastest way to get the ball to your goal line is to pivot and rotate as you catch the ball.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Kit Kat Equation

Today we had to find out the answer to a fraction equation. Math problem.
There were supposed to be 14 children in our group, how much chocolate would each child receive if their were 7 chocolate bars.

Answer:Each person will receive 1/2 of a chocolate bar or the equivalent fraction 7/14.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Potato Hypothesis!

Today we are doing a experiment checking whether a potato will grow towards the light or normally in a dark box with a hole. I think that potato will not grow at all because I think that the potato will need a lot more light for it to grow.
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For inquiry we had to choose something that lives and represents Mrs.Gren. If you're thinking what is Mrs.Gren is, well Mrs.Gren is not a person but a acronym. Mrs.Gren stands for Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition. 

Family Feast Time!

The holidays are fun weeks off for the teachers, most parents and the students. My holidays went past fast and now I wished that I had done my homework, oops.

The most exciting event that took place in the holidays was our big feast with my closest relatives. We started off by cooking the very rather sinister pig in our backyard, meanwhile we plugged in our speaker and blasted some songs. Later on, my sisters and I helped our mum cook the rest of the food which was Potato salad, Lu, Ota Ika and some Taro. I set the table up with the forks, plates and the large supply of drinks.

Afterwards, the food was all ready smelling  delicious with a bunch of scents. We gathered around the dining table to take a family photo before digging in. Then we did grace and ate. I would recommend everyone to try these foods, therefore you would need to follow the step correctly to get the right taster. My favourite thing about the feast was eating and getting to see my relatives.

To be honest the rest of my holiday was such a blur. Most of my holidays were just at home. At the same time I wasn’t ready to go to school, but ready to see my friends.

(Pig Roast)