Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nerd Quotes 😎

These quotes relate to everybody I know and don't know. These quotes inspired me to don't let my guard down when someone bullies or puts me down. Step up and embrace who I am. I had included the first quote in my piece of narrative because  felt that the quote was very powerful and encouraging. Image result for nerdy quotes
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Properties of Matter

I had learnt all this from Miss stone during Science Intensive week last term. We also learnt about chemical reactions and atoms and mass. 
1. What is matter?
Matter is everything around us. Matter is something that takes up space. In Atoms and Molecules.

2. What are the three states of matter?
The three states of matter is Liquid, Gas and Solid.

3. Which state holds its own shape?

4. What do you know about a gas’s molecules?
I know that the molecules are not together but float apart.

5. What state of matter takes the shape of its container?

6. What do you know about a solid’s molecules?
I know that the molecules are tight together holding it’s shape.

7. Name three solids:
Bowling ball

8. Name three liquids:

9. Name three gasses:
Carbon Dioxide

10. All matter has atoms and takes up …..

Monday, 26 September 2016

What causes rainbows

Here is a diagram I had made last term explaining how light and sun rays create 7 different colours also known as rainbow colours. I also learnt this from Miss. K during science intensive week.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Vocab Cards

These are some vocabulary cards I have created. I have used these words in the pieces of writing I have written. I also found some words from reading books my reading groups have read in the past. These cards were are also part of my reading tasks.


Image result for Scrimping
Image result for disintegrate
Image result for Various
Image result for Elegant
Image result for Divine definition
Image result for civilized
Image result for consuming
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Term 3 Inquiry Homework Questions/Answers

Where do these dances from from - Bhangra, Naga, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi?
These dances come from India.

Which country does the sasa come from?
The Sasa comes from Samoa

Which country does the Tango originate from?
It originates from Argentina

What is your definition of the haka?
A solemn war dance which is known to be performed before rugby games in Nz and by other traditional countries.

Name 3 dances you would see if you were in South America?
  • Samba
  • Salsa
  • Rumba
Name 3 dances you would see if you were in the USA
  • Hip hop
  • Square Dance
  • Rock N Roll

Where would you see a tau'olunga?
You would see a tau’olunga at Tonga and Samoa, where girls perform a traditional tongan or samoan dance. You would see this dance at birthdays, re-unions, school festivals, anything that involves culture.

Which style of dance do dancers wear shoes with metal plates on the heels and toes?
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Line dancing
  • Ballroom dancing
Tap danceImage result for Which style of dance do dancers wear shoes with metal plates on the heels and toes?

In which dance will you see a pirouette?
Ballet dancing

Image result for pirouette

Friday, 23 September 2016

Sandhi Schimmel

Earlier this year 2 other classmates and myself had built a mosaic art piece based on this artist, Sandhi Schimmel. The art piece we had made was a pac man themed mosaic. Here is some background information on the artist.

Background of Artist
Name:Sandhi Schimmel
Date of birth/ death:
Education: did she study at an art school?
No, she studied at a normal school
Sandhi started drawing in her bedroom and spent her professional art creating murals.
Where are they from?
Sandhi was born in New York but grew up in Richmond VA.
What influences their artwork?
Sandhi was influenced by things she saw when she traveled. She was also inspired by the obsessions of beauty
What style of art do they create?
Sandhi creates murals and mosaics.
What is unique about their artwork?
Sandhi creates mosaics of women using a unique style.
What are some of their most famous pieces?

Her most famous mosaic pieces are called Gemini, Noise, Peor es Nada and What’s in a face.

Holiday Maths

  1. 22 X 2.5 = 55
Remove the decimal point and times the whole numbers together
22 X 25 = 550
And if I add the decimal point (.) back to the equation the 0 from 550 becomes 55.0 or 55

  1. 132 X 43 = 5676
(66 x 86=)
(6 x 60=360)+(6 x 6=36)

(80 x 60 4800)+(80 x 6=480)
(4800 + 480=5280)

  1. 34.9 + 32.3 = 67.2
34 9/10 + 32 3/10
9/10 + 3/10= 1.2

  1. 0.05 + 0.3 = 0.35
5 hundredths(00.05) plus 3 tenths

  1. 13.4 X 8 =  107.2
I used algorithm.

  1. 12 - 8.3 = 3.7
10-8.3 =1.7 + 2.0= 3.7

  1. 23 - 21.01 = 1.99
21.01 + 00. 99=22.00
23.00+00.99= 23.99

  1. 843.984 what is the value of 4 in this number?
Hundred thousands (843) Ones (984)
  1. How many in a baker’s dozen?
  1. How many weeks in a year?

  1. How many weeks in a leap year?

  1. How many minutes in 4.5 hours?
270 minutes
2 hours = 120 minutes
4 hours=  240
30 minutes= 30 minutes


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Light💡Science Intensive

Another day of science means another class rotation. The class my group rotated to was Room 9, Miss K's class. Miss. K taught us about light, refraction, reflection and how light is involved in colours. I enjoyed learning more about light and doing all the activities which were very fun.

Light can do many things, light up the world, reflect off objects, create many colours and many more. Did you know that it takes light from the sun 180,000 kilometers per hour to travel to earth?.

Light takes a special part of colour such as rainbows. Light(Sun) and rain, mist or fog, creates rainbows. Speaking of rainbows, though rainbows looks like a semi-circle they are actually circle shaped. Also that colour is a reflection of the seven beams of light. These colours our the colours of the rainbow. A trick to remembering the colours of the rainbow is to say ROYGBIV, an acronym for the sequence of colour.

Another fact about light is Reflection and Refraction. Reflection is when lights slows down through water/glass and this causes light to bend. Reflection is when light bounces off a shiny light so you can see yourself(Mirror).  Image result for Light gifs

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Financial Literacy 💰Lessons

From Monday to Thursday Room 7 had received special lessons on Financial literacy. These lessons were to teach us students how to take care of our money as well as saving money. Also teaching us how to stop identity theft, be credit worthy and minimize risk (Insurance). Our financial literacy teachers (Hannah and Kelsey) gave us a clear idea on what these statements meant.

Also each morning we were given different exercises based on all four topics. I loved how we were given different scenarios to act out in front of the class(We were given treats for our great effort and good answers). And the little pan flits we were given at the end of each lesson summed up what we learned. At our last session we were given a different pan flit, a quiz and certificates. All of which we received. We were given our individual certificates and took a photo together.

I would like to thank PWC for taking time out to have these lessons with us, as well as Hannah and Kelsey who were both amazing.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Manaiakalani Movie🎥

For this year's Room 7 Manaikalani movie we are doing a super hero themed movie. Right now that is all I can reveal for if you do get the opportunity to watch our movie you would be astonished and surprised.

Right now, Room 7 and the main characters are currently filming the different scenes. Our movie is all positive and a comedy. Once our movie is done and dusted, for sure our three minute movie will blow mines and make people laugh. Surprisingly for our movie we need a couple of props to get into our characters, as well as glasses, capes, masks and plenty of cameras. All thanks to Miss. Stone and Mrs. Tofas generosity.

Our Room 7 movie will be great. And maybe if our movie is a great hit hopefully they will show our movie at the movie in the park. 

Fare Well August🍂

Five days into the month September and things are looking great. Work, movie plannings and much more. I am looking forward for the different opportunities this month and looking forward to learning more. August was a great month, with excitement and sport opportunities as well. August was a special month for us girls and Glen Brae school for we played many sport tournaments placing in a few. A new month means new adventure.

Fare well August and welcome September!!Image result for September