Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Revision math work 3

Sina walked 9.49 km for week one of her training. She walked 3.43 km in the second week. She added three weeks total and got 17.98 km. How many kilometres did she walk in week 3?
9.49 + 3.43= 12.92
12.92 + 5.06 =

Logan's Diner offers its clients a choice of regular and diet soda. Last night, the diner served 60 sodas in all, 25% of which were regular. How many regular sodas did the diner serve?
25% of 60 =
25% = ¼ of 60 = 15

At a company meeting, there were 20 people in attendance. 25% of them were managers. How many managers were in the meeting?
25% of 20 =
25% = ¼ - of 20 = 5

Simon took out a loan from a shop. The amount he borrowed was $550. He had to pay back 50% interest. How much did he pay back altogether?

50% - ½
550 + 275= 825
30 students went on camp. 3/6 of them forgot their sleeping bags. How many students had sleeping bags at the camp?
3/6 of 30= 15
30 divided by 6=5
5 x 3=15
30/1 x 3/6 = 90/6
( 6 x 15 = 90 - 90 = 0 (15)
A team were saving for their transportation each week. There were 7 in the team with 4 subs. Each person put in $4.50 per week. How much will they have after 6 months of saving?
7 + 4 = 11
11 x $4.50 = 49.50
$49.50 x 26 = $1287

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Bengal Tigers & WWF

Reading - W.A.L.T: to make judgments about what we read

These are the questions associated with my reading work about Bengal Tigers. Want to read more about Bengal tigers and World Wild life charity visit -

What does it mean by Bengal tigers are the most numerous in numbers?
It means that there are a great amount of the bengal tigers. The Bengal tiger is the most common tiger specie.

Where can the tigers be found?
Bengal tigers are commonly found in India with a small population found in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar.

Which country has the most population?
There is a massive population of bengal tigers in India.

Why are the Bengal tigers endangered?
They are endangered due to nearby villagers killing them and because of their habitat being destroyed due to deforestation.

Where does the name Bengal come from?
The name Bengal comes from a state in India which is called, Bengal.

What is WWF’s mission for the Bengal tiger?
WWF’s mission for the bengal tigers, is to double the amount of wild tigers.

What are some actions WWF are taking to increase the number of Bengal tigers?
WWF are strengthening anti poaching efforts, empowering communities and stopping illegal wildlife trade.

What does this mean “This tiger subspecies is at the top of the food chain in the wild”?
This means that the tiger has no predator of it’s own whatsoever though the sub specie does indeed have prey.

Who would disagree with the work WWF is doing for the tigers?
People who are frightened of these tigers will definitely discourage the work of WWF for they have no interest in saving an animal whom they see as dangerous and treacherous.

How can we in NZ help to support the mission of WWF?
We can encourage the act of strengthening anti poaching efforts, empowering communities and stop illegal wildlife trade on our blogs or take it to the press and express our opinions on the endangerment of the specie.
Back to the WALT
What is your opinion about the work of WWF?
I think that the work of WWF needs to be recognized and acknowledged globally. They’re not only fighting for tiger rights but are also saving many other wildlife too.

Why does this charity exist?
This charity exists so it can help revive endangered wildlife species or wildlife species in need of help.

Placement test at future highschool!

Today, four of my peers and I attended the AGGS placement test to determine what class we will be in for English and Mathematics.

There were numerous girls in the auditorium, they were quite intimidating. We went through the subjects we were going to take and made a few changes to the languages we were going to learn. Afterwards we were split into three large groups. My group was first to do the mathematics test. I've got to admit, I was quite nervous and I know the other girls were too! I soon realized that the test was like the P.A.T maths test we had at school, which impacted on how I felt towards the test, confident.

Forty-five minutes later, the girls and I were escorted to the cafeteria to have a bite to eat before leaving to do our final test. The English test was simple, we had to write a description about one of the 6 prompts that we were given. At first, it was nerve wracking but like any amazing author, great ideas just came flowing out of my mind. I was astonished at how much I had written about the Great Manor in thirty minutes. I did my best and hope I get selected to be in a high standard class where my writing can accelerate and gradually become better.

The placement test was my first whiff of college. Making new friends, exams, periods and the teachers. I'm very nervous to go to college therefore I know I will have five adventurous years attending Auckland Girls Grammar School.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

What is Kelly Tarlton Underworld?

W.A.L.T; make our writing succinct

Kelly Tarlton Underworld is a prominent, underground aquatic museum, located around east Auckland, New Zealand.
The aquarium was founded and named after an eminent man called Kelvin (Kelly) Tarlton. He is a renowned marine archaeologist, treasure hunter, diver, inventor and conservationist. Kelly’s driving passion, was looking for a unique way of displaying his foundings throughout his underwater experiences. He also wanted to showcase his love for the ocean with others. Kelly dedicated the last years of his life towards designing the innovative place out of grimy, disused sewage tanks on Aucklands waterfront. His work was obviously successful but unfortunately at 40 years of age, he died seven weeks before the opening of the aquarium. Fortunately for Kelly, the opening of the aquatic museum, on the 25th of January 1985, was an instant success. Within the first hour, 200 people attended. Even now to this very day, the attendance of tourists and visitors have ranged an extraordinary amount.

A sea life aquarium can’t be complete without sea life. At Kelly Tarltons you’ll see everything from crayfish, lobsters, moray eels, to spiny sea dragons(seahorses) and stingrays. The most common sea creatures are fish. There are various tropical fish displays, where colour and beauty is exceptional and odd fish is known as clown. There are also other peculiar yet intriguing fish species such as Puffer fish, Butterfly fish, Clownfish, Lionfish and abnormal sized jellyfish(not really a fish specie but contains “fish” in its name”.) There are individual tanks full of a variety of fish species where you get a close-up view of the alluring colours of the fish and their distinctive characteristics which make them unique.

The Antarctic Ice adventure facility at Kelly Tarlton's home to New Zealand's only colony of Antarctic penguins. The display, gives visitors an up close, rare opportunity to see the birds closely in their Antarctic like habitat. There are two species of penguins in the aquarium, Gentoo penguins and King Penguins. The Antarctic ice adventure is one of the most successful breeding programs in the planet as well as the world's largest display of antarctic penguins. Occasionally, the aquarium allows visitors to encounter with the stunning penguins.

Not only do you get a visual view of the marvelous sea animals, but there are also interactive facilities. The rockpool area, the shark cage and shark dive. At the rockpool, you get the chance to touch the hand sized starfish. In a separate tank, the other rock pool animals rest peacefully, undisturbed. If you want some more hands on action, the underwater world has you covered with the shark cage and for the more interactive activity, the shark dive. Aquariums gets you close to aquatic animals but these experiences get you even closer. It’s an exclusive opportunity to get you eye to eye with the incredible sea animals.

There are several other Kelly Tarlton facilities such as the seahorse kingdom, Scott Base, the shark tunnel, NIWA southern oceans and shipwreck discovery which are all informative and captivating. There is one particular zone in the aquarium that will forsure intrigue you, The Amazing Creations. The Amazing creations, sponsored by Crayola, is the new addition to the aquarium, where you can design your own fish and watch it swim digitally. Your creation will project in a tank in front of you, before joining the other beautiful creations on a huge interactive projection wall. While you’re in the zone, you’ll learn more about why the unique features of sea animals exist in nature. Also, you’ll find more about the issues facing coral reefs and how it affects vibrant sea animals.

Kelly Tarltons contains the most unique of displays and projects originality through the sea animals and aquarium facilities. It is a place of wonders and showcases a brilliant image of the creators invention. You’ll see the upmost enthralling sea animals and learn about the antarctic history of New Zealand.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Neuroplasticity lesson with Mrs.Turner

Today, during the middle block, Mrs.Turner payed our class a visit to teach us about neauroplasticity. 

Neauroplasticity is the change and growth that your brain goes through in an individuals life.  We also learnt about Neurons. There are about 80 billion to 100 billion neurons in our brains. Neurons is an electric brain cell that receives, transmits and processes messages through our body. For neurons to grow and expand, it feeds on "challenges." We also got the opportunity to replicate the neurons using play dough. All of the neurons were different shapes and colours.

I learnt a lot about our brain and learnt a new and complicated word, neauroplasticity. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017


As my create work for reading, I created a DLO about what I learnt about Puberty using google draw. Linda, Maara and I are currently working on our short film about Puberty.

In my DLO it contains information about the theories and studies of the early development of Puberty. Also, the signs of Puberty forgirls and boys.

Describe what makes a good role model_Luisa & Aaliyahna

W.A.L.T: collaborate with a peer in our writing

Aaliyahna and I collaborated in this piece of explanation writing and also went through the process of editing together too!. I found it kind of easy to work together because we both had really good ideas with a lot of details linked to them. It was also sort of difficult because sometimes our writing was quite repetitive. At the end, we both did an excellent job.

A role model is a person who is admired, idolized and looked up to by others. Role models set good examples of values, behaviours, attitude associated with a specific role. A role model may be someone you know already, or someone you’ve never met, such as a celebrity, who portrays many traits that make them a role model. Common role models are teachers, other educators, actors, singers, athletes and community figures such as policemen or firefighters.

Role models have to demonstrate confidence and leadership which is a major step towards teaching their devotees. Role models also have to stay constructive while teaching how to demonstrate confidence and leadership. Most people admire those who project confidence and leadership. You don’t want a role model who is disheartened or tries to discourage you. Everyone likes a positive and completely certain role model that is satisfied with their accomplishments and acknowledges their skills as well as achievements without being arrogant. They also display leadership, and guidance but continues to strive for generous and excelling objectives. Lack of confidence and leadership results in opportunities not being taken because you haven’t shown your true potential in confidence areas nor leadership. When demonstrating confidence and leadership we become more beneficial for ourselves and our enthusiasts that take our advice and follow our paths to become role models. In addition to ‘what makes a good role model’ is communication and interaction, this is essential.

As you may not know, most role models attempt to help others in different circumstances or situations but the main key to helping is communication and interaction. How are you supposed to learn from someone who has a deficiency for communication? Communication and interaction are used to portray learning in understandable ways and you need to be able to understand to interact well with others. When interacting with others you extend your knowledge with the synergy from your partner and you are able to interpret interaction. The clearest and uncomplicated way to being a heroic role model is how well an individual can show these. So when deciding whom your role model may be, look at their qualities, characteristics and what makes them an exceptional role model. Also make sure they can connect well with others and also collaborates their advice in a good conduct.

Being unique and flawsome is a step of becoming a phenomenal role model. To be flawsome, one has to embrace their flaws and know their awesome regardless. Role models certainly have to stay true to themselves to overcome numerous obstacles, sometimes resulting in accepting ridicules. People certainly want role models who don’t pretend to be someone they aren’t and won’t be fake, to please or impress others. Role models influence others with a positive, buoyant outlook on life. It’s very unlikely that people would want to emulate a despondent individual. Be yourself, and people would prefer to emulate you instead, an eager and enthusiastic leader. Role models need to be themselves most importantly to grab a good kind of attention to behold a positive image of themselves. Role models have unique traits which most people would want to have, making them stand out from the rest and more appealing. It’s important to be unique to influence admirers to be a one of a kind human being.

In order for role models to be dominant and influential, they must show respect to others. People of all ages appreciate being treated with respect and extol those who treat them and others that way. Role models who manifest benevolence and selflessness, unbiased view of others different from themselves, will guarantee them admiration from others. You may have impressive traits that are greater than rest, but whether you choose to show respect or not, it immediately indicates people what your true nature is. It is clear that people see whether you're not showing any gratitude or wanting to be ahead of others. Not only will respect be shown, but respect will be given back in the process. It’s a win-win situation. At the end of the day, a role model's reputation is judged by the respect shown.

Behaviour and attitude are also vital when you’re a role model when you're projecting your behavior and attitude to the people that look up to you. If you ever show an inadequate quality of behavior by not paying attention, quibbling a lot, debating or backchat that definitely won't get you anywhere near a role model position. When you have a certain set of abilities, accommodate it to suit your behavior and attitude. All role models have different qualities and abilities but also different attitudes and behavior. We all know that behaviors disclose to expressions of feelings and appearances of body languages but attitudes relates to a minds predisposition. Having an exquisite behavior and all of these combined, leads to a remarkable, exceptional, admirable and someone worth imitating -  a role model! Finally, to conclude behavior and attitude, role models are respectful and display what they think behavior and attitude means. If you would like to be a role model, look up to the person that you idolize and duplicate them, but in your own way! “Treat other individuals the way you would like to be treated.”

Most role models like to go the extra mile, working harder, finding time for good causes outside of work such as raising money for charities, fundraising for important events, saving lives and helping people in general. This gives them an extra credit, creating a humble as well as a deferential image for themselves. Commitment to good causes implies that they are a devoted person. A role model shows and encourages motivation and dedication simultaneously. This shows that they are good-natured beings with good intentions for themselves and others. Their act of kindness impacts others as it influences them to try new things and help out more often, encouraging others that little actions can cause a big difference.

Role models are the sun that we are blessed with everyday, they are looked up to by admirers, adherents, and supporters. When I say role models, whoever each individual may be, shows unique qualities, how to behave towards one another, has confidence and  interacts well with other. They also  show the correct behavior as well as attitude and the most valuable and substantial one, respect! Acknowledge what role models do and the sacrifices they make to project what makes a good role model.
(role models)