Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Language Feature Examples

Room 7 have been focusing on varieties of language features to use in our narratives for our tests. Everyone in my class have been stressing about our tests, but to get rid of the nerves for Writing we went over the language features and what we need to improve on in our writing. Such as our sentence structures, our ideas, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and paragraphs. 

We also looked at the different kinds of language features and came up with original examples or examples from the internet.  

Alliteration- Letters in a sentence that start with the same letter
Sally Sells Shells on the Sea Shore
Climax - A point of at which the action in the story or play reaches it's emotional peek. 
The little girl went looking for her dog. She hears a bark around the corner of a building and as she comes around......
Conflict -A resolution in a story or true events
I woke up in a hospital, in sight were nurses and injured soldiers. 
Contrast -  A comparison of someone or something to another object or person
Ally and China were best friends but they literally had nothing in common. Ally has black hair, green eyes and loves horror movies. And China has ginger hair, blue eyes and loves romance movies.
Figurative Language- A word or phrase which is non-literal
I've told you a hundred times, like a tape recorder on replay
First Point of View- The point of view writing refers to himself ("I")
I walked through the Alley, and a shadow appeared behind me. I walked faster and the shadow sped up as well. 
Hyperbole- The use of exaggeration
Her brain is the size of a pea
Imagery- A description of something that helps the reader imagine what it actually looks and smells like
Her delicate brunette hair glided along with the wind, spreading a velvety aroma in the air. Her green, grass coloured eyes blinked continuously at the sight of the water scenery. 
Metaphor- A figure of speech that is applied towards a object or object but which is not literally possible
Bubbly Personality
Onomatopoeia- Sounds spelled out as words
Boom, Splash, Boing, BANG!
Personification- Referring to non living object as a human or doing human things
The Tree was naked and cold
Sarcasm- An ironic remark that seems like you are pransing something or someone but you are really taunting them. 
When something bad happens-" Are you okay?". "I'm great, just terrific" said sarcastically
Simile- A comparason using "as" or "like"
Sally was as bright as the flarng sun
Symbolism- The use of one thing to represent another
A white flag is the symbol of someone surrendering or A dove is the symbol of piece

Friday, 21 October 2016

Abstract Art🖌

Abstract art was created in the 19 centuries from Europe. Abstract art used to be painting of real things such as people, animals. But the artists were sick of painting real things and decided to paint using variety of colour and shape. Abstract now and back then are disguised images of objects or people.

This artist has a very unique style of show casing his art work and sculptures. 

Kadar Brock
Kadar Brock is an New York artist. He layers Canvases with paint then sands objects down to make holes in the canvas. The outcome of his paintings are crusty and worn out layers of  paint. He gets this inspiration from Dungeons, dragons and magic car games. His art is displayed in all sorts of Magazines. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Chapte Four-Private Peaceful💐

Chapter Four: Ten To Midnight
In this chapter the boys had realized that the stones Molly told their futures with was very correct. But unfortunately whenever they weren't with Molly, they were not so lucky. They had gone poaching for the first time without Molly and disaster struck. Tommo fell asleep as he was on the lookout, but usually the presence of Molly kept him awake. They were caught by the Colonel's lookout, Lambert. They were taken to Big house to the Colonel and were given a punishment. They also had to apologize to the Colonel for trespassing and as their punishment, they had to clean the colonel's dog kettles every Sunday till Christmas. Molly got better by then and continued going school. As Tommo turned 12, Molly and Charlie moved out of school to work at the big house and Tommo found that he hardly got to see any of them. He began to feel left out and the stories he told them didn't interest them. One day a plane landed near Charlie and Tommo and the pilot asked them for some directions. Later he had offered them some humbugs. His hum bugs are confiscated at school by Mr. Munnings and was given 6 whacks on his hand with a ruler. Charlie came home and told Tommo he had stolen Bertha because the Colonel was going to shoot her because she was too old so Charlie told her and hid her in his father's old shack. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Chapter Three summary-Private Peaceful🌺

Chapter Three: Nearly Quarter Past Eleven 
In chapter three, Big Joe's love for mice grew but unfortunately for him, Grandma wolf hated mice and hunted for them with her every might. Tommo remembered how Big Joe held the biggest funeral that a mouse could ever have. On Big Joe's Birthday Molly got him a field mouse which he adored so much but he had to hide it from Grandma Wolf. Somehow Grandma Wolf found out about the mice and killed it, along with his other animals: his hedge hog, slow worms and others. Molly, Charlie and Tommo start to poach illegally on the Colonels land, catching rabbit, salmon and deer's if they were lucky enough. All three of them go skinny dipping in his lake. Molly tells their future using stones and the stones said "As long as they were together, they will always have good luck". As the near end of the chapter, Tommo and Charlie find out that Molly has Scarlet Fever and was not authorized to Molly nor was Molly to to see them.

Chapter two summary-Private Peaceful🌼

Chapter Two: Twenty To Eleven 
In chapter two, Tommo remembers his memories with his brother Joe or Big Joe who is disabled. He remembered the time where Charlie and Tommo had fed Big Joe rabbit droppings and as a consequence of doing so their mother had made each of them eat one each. Also the moment when a bully was mean to Tommo because of Big Joe's Disability, which caused a fight between the two. The bully was bigger than Tommo, so he was beaten up. Charlie stepped in and took one for the team, ending up with a punishment of 5 strokes(Hits). That was also the day where Charlie and Tommo had became best friends with Molly, when she was instructed to clean up Tommo. One day the Colonel (Who is sort of the mayor) arrived at the Peaceful's to kick them out because no one in the family is working. In order to save their cottage, Mrs.peaceful had to work at the Big house(The Colonels house) as the wife's maid for she was sick. Grandma wolf, their great aunt, has to move in to look after the children. Grandma wolf, bosses Mrs. Peaceful around as well as the kids, and doubts Mrs. Peaceful's parenting.

In this chapter we meet Grandma Wolf, Colonel and get to know more about Molly, Charlie, Big Joe and Tommo

Chapter One Summary-Private Peaceful🌻

Private peaceful is the novel my reading group is reading. We read a chapter a week also completing worksheets we are given based on the chapter we have read. This is my brief summary on the first chapter.

Chapter one: Five Past ten
In the first chapter, Tommo Peaceful, a soldier at war tries to flash back to his child hood moments at school when he first started. He also remembers his dads funerals and how he regretted not running away from the falling tree or his father would still be alive. His brother, Charlie Peaceful, is introduced and he is three years older then him. Charlie is caring and tough, he stands up for Tommo, even gets into fights for him. Also Mrs. Peaceful, Molly, Mr. Munning, Big Joe, Miss. McAllister and Molly is introduced.

Respect quotes

Respect is a huge topic my class and the rest of the school is focusing on. Respect for others, self, environment, property and learning-our school values. These are the 3 top quotes that I think are very meaningful.
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Respect ✔

As part of our PB4L (Positive Behavior For Learning) we are focusing on our respect values. The first value we were working on was respect for self. Each class member had to come up with an original quotes that represents what respecting self is to us. Here is my quote I had written about self respect.

Survival story

   Shark Attack
We are learning to to write for a specific audience and to edit our work so that it makes sense for our readers.

The waves washed ashore bringing a bunch of sea ornaments on the coast. Humongous waves were formed, heading my direction and I knew it was time to depart. As I sunk deeper into the sea bed, I decided to start to paddle towards the waves, avoiding any ripples. Sirens went off warning those in sea of a creature approaching the beach. I swam back leaving my board behind but as I turned back to get my surfboard, the view of the flaring sun blinded my sight, and large waves hit me like  liquid boulders. It felt like several gunshots were fired at my entire body, unable to fight back, unable to breathe. I flowed elegantly, not able to move one inch of my body, as a consequence of not moving at all, a chilling presence arrived.  

Bethany, fought for her life, struggling to get free from the monstrous sea creature. A destructive pain urged through Bethany’s body, red velvet liquid flowed through the seawater, disintegrating very quickly. She kicked violently and was set free, she was able to reach the surface of the sea, struggling to swim. There was no sight of the cold-blooded creature, but in that case there was also no feeling of her right arm. Bethany blared horrendously in pain and in disturbance attracting the creature towards her. She glared back as kilometres between the creature and her became metres. Kicking her pale feet urgently made her more visible to the creature, besides the amount of blood that was flowing continuously much like a mini waterfall.

Bethany didn’t have much time to swim back to shore nor did she have time to swim to a nearby rock island. Her only chance of surviving was a buoy which was just 9 yards away but Bethany doubted her strength and ability to swim. Every stroke, every kick was a death defying move, no matter what, she couldn’t look back. Bethany reached the buoy, panting madly, trying to catch her breath. It appeared to her, that the creature that bit her fragile wing was non other then a barbarous shark. She took her necklace and earrings off which were both horned shape. She pressed on her wound and started stitching it with her necklace, using her earrings to secure the pieces of skin together.  Every stitch caused her distress which she couldn’t hold in, so she took her rash top off and ripped one sleeve off with her bare teeth. She used the sleeve to wrap around her upper arm to keep the blood from flowing.

As everyone on the coast evacuated from the shallow parts of the sea, they spotted Bethany yelling from a distance.“Pleeaase!!Heeellpp!! Shaarrkk!!”.  She was waving madly, hoping they could hear her or at least see her. All eyes were on her, the life guards made a plan to receive Bethany without anyone getting hurt. Four lifeguards hopped on a rescue boat and set off towards the floating buoy. The shark circled around the Buoy as the rescue boat came closer, the shark swam away which relieved everyone. Then a few moments later the shark turned around and charged forward towards the boat, knocking a life guard out of the boat, plummeting into the sea. Bethany had realised that the Shark was swimming towards the life guard, so she jumped into the water, using all the strength she had left in her to save the poor man. She could feel herself weaken every time she moved her right arm, slowly losing connection, feeling numb and cold. She reached the lifeguard just as the shark appeared, pushing him out of the way gesturing him to flee so she can face the shark herself.

Her worst enemy was shooting towards her like a giant bullet. While Bethany panicked  and searched for a weapon really quickly. When all hope was lost, she swam back to the buoy with the shark on her tail. She rocked the buoy loosening the chains attached to the sea bed. One chain broke off causing the buoy to tip over, then back up, the second chain broke off and the whole buoy toppled over. The shark was ruthless, it bit the top part of the buoy, getting its teeth stuck on a metallic hook. Bethany escaped and returned to try to break the remaining chain off, she pulled and tried forcing the chain out. The shark managed to get free but before he could prance on Bethany she had already broken the remaining chain. She was pulled downwards towards the spikes that held the chains and as she planned the shark followed. She glared behind catching the shark’s beady eyes, let go of the chain and moved out of the way before she hit the spikes. Because the shark swam so fast, it couldn’t brake in time so the shark ended up being skewered.

After that, she fell unconscious and drifted towards shore, still bleeding out. A little boy tugged his mum’s dress and pointed to Bethany who washed up on shore. Everyone surrounded her, calling for help, performing CPR. As she coughed up water her vision cleared and she knew she was safe.

A year later, Bethany continued surfing and worked as a medical student. She learnt so much from that terrifying experience and knew she would be scarred for life. An unforgettable day, that impacted her life so much. Though she hadn’t really regretted it because it made her more brave.

Based on true events-ShallowsImage result for Shark
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Friday, 14 October 2016

Wood Tech-Term 4

Today we had our 3rd lesson in Wood tech with Mr. Grunde. For wood tech we were making a necklace. To make a metallic necklace, there is several steps, like tracing your design, cutting out the design, sanding and filing also. But today I had already completed 2 steps and now I am up to filing my design. My design is a skull with two bones sticking out a each corner.

It was very difficult cutting it out because there were a lot of curves. Then after I finished cutting it out, Mr. Grunde had poured in the liquid metal into my casket. It took about 10 minutes to set and I was off filing my piece of work. Filing is when you correct the shape of something. At the end of the day I still had some work to do, like continue filing and sanding the necklace piece so that it looks polished and shiny.

I had a fun time at today's tech lesson. I was astonished at how many steps I had managed to complete.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Term 4 Kiwi can

First Kiwi Can lesson of the term was very exciting. We now have a new topic as well as a theme. Our new topic is For our school and our theme is Respect. 

In today's lesson I learnt about values that we apply at home and school. Like perseverance, fairness, appreciation, resilience, courage, active listening and integrity. We used all of those values during our energizer and activity.

For our energizer we played a game called call values, where we learnt about more values such as caring, honesty and telling the truth. The aim of the game is when Mr. Numia calls a value out, you have to run to the cone with that value on it without getting tagged by the taggers. The game was very tricky, tiring and fun.

For our activity, we were split into 5 groups and were given 1 special value, that we had to act out. My group was given the value Perseverance. Perseverance means, never give up and try your best.

Sunday, 9 October 2016


Holiday Writing

As I was standing back stage waiting for my cue, the amusement of the crowd through the stage screen eased my nerves, and cooled me down. Moments later my temperature rose up, I felt like a hot kettle. The nerves kicked in as my spotlight moment, came near. All I could do was wait anxiously, hoping I don’t ‘mess the play up.

My name is Ally ferguson, top of the class, straight A student. But there's only one subject I have to ace to graduate from high school. This horrible subject is obviously Drama. Like who needs acting when you can be normal, am I right?. Except for the fact they use acting for movies, programs, plays but really? Drama in high school, I already have enough drama at home.  I’m not just saying that because I can’t act, but coming from the daughter of a famous actor the pressure is much harder on me. Everyone expects me to be like my father, “enthusiastic”. To ace my drama class I needed to audition for the lead role of Romeo and Juliet.

First day of production auditions was a horror. I had to audition for Juliet, which was very hard for me for I have a different personality. I’m computer involved, lover of japanese animation, karate films, in other words nerdy. And Juliet, she’s sweet, gentle and naive. Even though my audition was horrible, my dad payed a lot of money to get me the role of Juliet. Which also mean a whole lot of acting lessons.

I practised a whole line before moving to the other lines in the script. I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was actually going to be in a play, in front of several people. But worse, my drama teacher is grading my performance on how I perform on the day. Though I couldn’t seem to get this one line quite right. 'll look to like, if looking liking move. But no more deep will I endart mine eye. Than your consent gives strength to make it fly’.  As soon as I knew it, I was practising the same line till the day of the production. Even at the rehearsals, I was guaranteed to let everyone down.

As I was standing back stage waiting for my cue, the amusement of the crowd through the stage screen eased my nerves, and cooled me down. I flashbacked to the time where I had let my science team down due to nerves also, but this time I knew I was going to make a change. As Lady Capulet spoke her line before mine I attended the stage calmly with ease. I stepped onto the enormous stage as Lady Capulet finished her sentence off, It is an honour that I dream not of’, and so on I continued acting astonishingly until I forgot the line I had practised continuously. ‘I'll look to like, if looking liking move. Uhh----But no more deep will I endart mine eye. Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.’ I stammered at first but remembered the rest of the line as I looked at the audience, as they watched my every movement  as well as every word that I had spoken.

Indeed I had succeed in conquering a skill which I had  not favoured at first. But from the experience of actually acting I had taught myself to try harder at what I can’t seem to achieve. Also better that, I had received an A+ and along with that marvelous grade, came a Yale scholarship for acting and my academic smarts. Of course I was thrilled with the outcome but relieved that I am proudly following the footsteps of my Dad. As Mandy Hale once said “So you’re a little weird? Work it! A little different? Own it! Better to be a nerd than one of the herd”.  Spoken like a champ.