Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The man who didn't stop looking for his daughter and ex partner

The father of a missing three-year-old whose bodys were found yesterday beside her mother says he never stopped looking for his daughter.
Mubarak Yusef, more commonly known as Pakeeza Faizal and her three-year-old daughter Juwairiyah Kalim, known as Jojo, were found at a swamp near a bus stop on Auckland's North Shore yesterday.
Jojo's father, Faizal Kalim, describes his daughter as a "bubbly little girl".
"The last thing I remember her saying to me; 'Dad, you make sure you're going to look after me'," he said. "I promised her that. And I lied, lied to her face."
Mr Kalim says he went to great lengths to find his daughter over the past seven years. He says he hired many lawyers and private detectives to find the pair, but never found any trace of them.
"I honestly don't blame anybody," he says. "I didn't do enough. I should have done more to protect my daughter."
Mr Kalim says the discovery of the bodies of his daughter and ex-partner yesterday was devastating.
"That little glimmer of hope is gone. That sort of kept me going.
"I'm … so shattered inside."
In a post to Facebook this morning, Mr Kalim asked why anyone would want to kill "an angel like that".
"I've got nothing in me," he told 3 News. "I'm not angry at anybody. It just sucked whatever life I had out of me. I've got to live with this hole inside my chest for the rest of my life."
Ms Yusef and Jojo had been reported missing until January 2013, police say.

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