Friday, 30 May 2014

How waves are formed

Waves are formed in three different ways, wind, earthquakes and gravity.

Gravity is responsible for high tides and low tides. High tide is when the water is the deepest and low tide is when the water is most shallow. The rise and fall of the water level causes waves to form

Wind can be light and cause small waves, these waves can be as small as ripples in the water. Young children can practise making waves by blowing on a bowl full of water.Wind could also cause very large waves that make being in water very dangerous. The type of waves that wind causes depend on how hard the wind blows.

Earthquakes under water pushes the water away from the epicenter of the quake and can cause some pretty large waves.Earthquakes often trigger tsunamis, also known as "tidal waves". When these waves travel in the deep ocean, they have a very high pace and a very long wavelength. They can travel right under a ship without anyone on board even noticing. But as they approach land, they are slowed down, so their size rises. The rise can be enormous, and that is what causes the damage near the coast. Earthquakes in the water causes volcanoes to form.

Waves  wash some of the land and waves could cause tsunamis. Waves also cause ships to be destroyed and wash away sea animals from their natural habitat.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Heveist man in the world

A Mexican man once listed as the world's heaviest man has died at the age of 48.
Manuel Uribe had slimmed down to about 394 kilograms, well below his then-record peak weight of 560 kilograms, which was certified in 2006 as a Guinness World Record.
Uribe's death was confirmed by an official of the health department of Nuevo Leon state, where the city of Monterrey is located.
Uribe had been confined to his bed in Monterrey for years, unable to walk on his own.
The official says Uribe had been taken to the hospital on May 2 because of an abnormal heartbeat.
He had to be taken to the hospital with a crane by emergency and civil defence workers.
Doctors have not yet certified the cause of death. In addition to the cardiac condition, Uribe was also believed to have suffered from liver problems.

Uribe married Claudia Solis in 2008, and the wedding was one of the few times he left his home in recent years.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Argument writing about fish

1 metre is a good size for fish to take home

The current size for fish such as snapper to be taken home is 30 centimetres. I think a good size is 1 metre or more. I will explain why I think this in this argument.

If people take 30 cm fish then they need a lot of fish to feed their family. If they take a big size fish then they will be able to feed their family with the bigger fish and don't need to catch too many fish to feed everyone. 

Leaving the fish to grow will also allow the fish to produce more fish in the sea. There will many more fish in the sea. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Penguin Habitats

This Presentation is talking about penguin habitats , countries they live in , diets,  endangered Penguins and penguin facts