Friday, 26 February 2016

Scratch Animation

To create this scratch project, I used 4 different sprites(characters), different commands and some sound effects. The commands I used were switching back drops and many more.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Burger model plan

For writing, my writing group had to come up with narrative using a burger model. The burger model plan helps us order the different parts of the narrative so that I know what order to write it in.

(Click to Enlarge photo)

My Pepeha

This is my Pepeha which explains specific information about myself in Maori.
Tena Koutou
Ko Maungarei te Maunga            
Ko Tamaki te Awa                  
Ko Waitemata te Moana         
Ko Hunga te iwi                  
No Aotearoa ahau                  
engari no Tonga oku tipuna        
Ko Sione(Vikilani) toku pāpā        
Ko Nolini toku māmā                  
Ko Kula toku  kuia         
Ko Mateaki toku koroa                   
Ko Kafu lahi toku whaea/matua         
Ko Luisa toku ingoa         

Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Kauri Island

Here is the link to a presentation that Linda Kiki and I made using animations. I thought using this app(Pow Toon) was a very creative way to present our work for this weeks reading work.
This weeks reading work was about how Kauri trees were chopped down so we had to create a creative way to present what we have learnt from the story "Kauri Island".

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Today in Mrs.Tofa's Mathematics group we spent a wonderful  time discussing different strategies we had used for our maths problems. Like Place Value, doubling and halving, rounding and compensating, using proportional adjustments and splitting factors multiplicatively which I found very difficult. 


Today for inquiry my group had to identify where the certain fruits/vegetables came from. For example a onion grows from the root of tree.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Strong Earthquake Hits Christchurch

Just eight days after the anniversary of the 2011 Christchurch massacre, a terrifying earthquake shocked the whole of Christchurch. No harm was done to the residents but the earthquake caused cliffs to collapse in several places and spreading large clouds of dust across the sea and hills. There were to be at least more than 40 after shocks and signs of liquefaction.

Judging on what happened 5 years ago, I can imagine that the residents living in Christchurch would be feeling terrified, anxious and for some traumatized by the experience. For others it brought back a lot of feelings and memories of those lost or those who were effected by the earthquake.

This event happened at exactly 1:13 pm on Sunday the 14th of February 2016.

earthquake chch

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Monster Educators

Times like these, we had wondered if it was all real or was it all a dream but werewolves can’t possibly be real, are they?. Chaotic creatures lurking about and yet no sign of our teachers, so I guess we are stranded in a spooky park with no signal and most importantly no normal people.

Our teachers had planned this trip months ago, it didn’t really matter where we went, we just wanted to get out of school. Room 7 got there stuff ready for our special class trip that was going to last for at least two days. Tyler waited eagerly beside Miss.Stone. “Uh mam is it time to leave, my stick like legs are about to crack”.
“Actually yes we are Tyler”, Miss Stone cleared her voice, “Now children head out the classroom and wait at the gate for Mrs.T”. Room 7 marched down to the gates neatly, just in time to see the limos arrive. Oohs and Ahhs echoed throughout the line, each student admired the limos as if they had been hypnotized. Mrs.T arrived at the gate and saluted the children, the students giggled silently and stood up straight. Afterwards 10 students hopped into one limo and the others went into the other limos.

“Miss, Miss, Where are we going exactly” cried one of the students.
“Well we planned to go to one of my favourite amusements park when I was child”said Miss.Stone Excitedly.
The children cheered aloud and started singing songs. Alas they arrived at the amusement park, Ella stood silently scanning the park. Ella had a feeling that there was something suspicious around the place. “Uh Tash, I don’t think it’s a good idea going into this place”.
“Why Ella?”.
“I don’t know there's something wrong with this place” Ella shivered and walked into the park. “Now children listen to Mrs. T and just have fun but first can you guys get into a group of 6” ordered Miss.Stone. Ella followed her 5 other friends, Elissa, Natasha, Riley, Tyler and Nikki.

Ella noticed that it was just her and her classmates in the amusement park. Also that they hadn’t noticed any park employees around. It was so odd, but wasn’t as odd as the sinister man standing at the spooky house ride. That was what attracted her friends to the ride, the sinister man stared a the girls as they came closer to the stand. The odd man had a weird accent who always ended his words  with Z’s.
Welcomez toz thez Spooky Hoouse, enterz thez housez forz whateverez awaitz you”. At the same time they blurted out “OKAY”.
“Really cobwebs, skeletons and masked mannequins, this place could do better” said Tyler. Through the Spooky house Riley felt eyes following her and her friends. She looked back to see moving figures, so Riley followed the figures into the shadows without being noticed. Her friends hadn’t noticed she was gone but realised when they reached the Scarecrow area. Nikki walked around the scarecrow and was frightened by the crows that popped out from nowhere. “What a scare that was, so Riley when we get back to school I think we should base our history project on crime back in the days,Uhhh Riley?”.

The girls panicked and tried to remember the last place they saw Riley. “Oh wait weren’t we at the Chainsaw room” screamed Tyler. The girls headed to the Chainsaw room, they searched the room for but nothing came up except for a strand of dog hair and Riley’s lucky bracelet. Ella had another terrible feeling that someone had taken Riley, they arrived at the entrance to see no sign of the other groups or teachers. They walked around the whole park and yet no sign of anyone besides them. It got dark so they headed to the camp area where they hoped they would see the other students. Surprisingly they did but Miss.Stone and Mrs.T were not there. They all felt a slight relief to see everyone, “Guys where’s Miss.Stone and Mrs.T” said Ella. They all seemed confused, “We have no idea, they both vanished trying to find you guys Ella” said Terra with a terrified voice.
“Well, Riley vanished a few hours ago too”. As the night got darker they all slumped into their sleeping bags, everybody hoped that in the morning Riley and the teachers would come back.

“Huh what was that?”
“It sounded like a wolf”
“Guys i’m scared” screamed one of the kids.
All at once dark figures closed in as the kids huddled up with their teeth shivering. The figures growled out loud and the students hoped that they wouldn’t see them if they stood still. Then as the dark figures came closer to the light the faces surprised them as the faces looked very familiar. Natasha stared confusingly at the the familiar faces. “Wait isn’t that Miss. Stone, Mrs.T and Riley, Wow you guys grew a lot of hair since you disappeared”. Ella stared up to the sky to see a full moon shining brightly and wondered if her teachers and friend were werewolves. All of a sudden Ella felt chills up her spine, she stared right into Miss.Stone’s eyes which were bright yellow and her mouth was full of saliva. “Ok so would you guys believe if I were to say well maybe they are werewolves”.
“I sure would, cause right now Riley is looking at me like she wants to eat me, everybody RUN!!”. A few students ran into the rides to hide, others tried to run out the main entrance but in a blink of an eye Riley appeared out of nowhere.

Ella found a formula near the spider ride. It explained how to cure someone who had been bitten by a werewolf. The only way to cure her teacher and Riley was to take them out of the park, and pour milk up their nose. Where the wolf juice comes out of their mouth and they go back to normal. So it was up to Ella to capture the wolves and save everyone. Ella found a piece of meat lying on the myrical round which was very odd. So she lured all three wolves into the spooky house, hid behind a stack of hay and knocked them out with a fire extinguisher. Then tied them up and took them out of the park, they lost their fur but still had their sharp teeth. Alex, one of the students ran to the nearest dairy and bought 3 liters of milk. Then as Alex got to the entrance he gave the milk to the girls, they grabbed a funnel and poured it down each of their noses. Ten seconds later milk and brown fur juice came out of each of their mouths. As soon as they knew that they weren't werewolves, the students carried their teachers and Riley down the street.

Ella stared back to the amusement park, dark figures appeared like tornadoes then the heads of the figures tilted up and screamed “AWWW OOO”. In matter of seconds the dark figures disappeared into the shadows which Ela knew was glaring at her with their vicious eyes. Just as they made it to the nearest shopping center, the amusement park was out of sight and they were safe and sound. In a matter of days the students were at school learning and tried pretending like nothing bad had ever happened. Some tried to forget but couldn't get it off their chest that they actually saw werewolves. 
Some still ask, Was it all real?

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

All about me

Hi my name is Luisa Maasi and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the class as well as Miss.Stone and Mrs.Tofa.

I was named after my Dad’s mum who sadly passed on. I live with twelve annoying but caring siblings and my wonderful parents. Usually in my quality time I like to read books and sometimes play rugby or touch with my older brothers. My favourite subjects at school are Writing and P.E.

For me a good day is learning quietly without being distracted by others and spending the day without any negativity. Also for everyone to encourage each other in trying new activities and to just show respect at all times.

I love to watch movies, play sports and read all types of books. My favourite movie genre is Horror. My favourite horror movie is Demonic which is about teenagers who try to contact spirits in a haunted house.

Sports have been part of me since, well forever. I play all kinds of sports Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Touch, League, Athletic events and even Football(kinda). I have even considered that I might want to become a professional athlete when i’m older.

But my most favourite thing of all is reading. Books have inspired me to take risks in my writing as well as making my writing creative. My favourite book is  Night World which is actually three books in one and is a thriller and romance type of book. It is by far my favourite book because they have three of my favourite fictional characters Vampires, Werewolves and Witches.

When it comes to insects and reptiles there’s no guarantee what I would do to get them away from me. Insects or I like to say creepy crawlies freak me out alot because the way they look. I also dislike all dangerous reptiles, especially crocodiles, alligators and snakes.

There are times where I wish I was the only child but most of the time it’s just the
opposite . My family is so big that I often forget their names and just yell random names out(“Jimmy, Helen, Jeff wait I know RON!”, It’s not just me though). But having a lot of siblings is worth it because they’re fun to play with, soon the older ones are going to be able to get their driver license, they crack the funniest jokes and because they are the most caring people I have ever met(Plus when my older siblings get their driver's license, they could drive me wherever I want). Without my siblings I wouldn’t have a role model to look up to or an older sibling to take care of me. Having siblings and two wonderful parents have been the best thing in life for me.

Writing down all these specific information about myself surprised me because I realised that I had learnt more about myself.