Wednesday, 26 November 2014


In maths today  I made a survey to determine which Rugby League teams, students like the most. I found out that the  Rabbitohs is the most popular Rugby League Team in Room 7.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Healthy Eating

How the actions of people could help us eat more
fruit and vegetables

Eating fruit and vegetables, keep you fit and healthy. People say “an apple a day, keeps the doctors away”, but it is not entirely true. Once when I was eating an apple, I actually got really sick and then I threw up.

Food manufactures

Food manufactures wrap the food in plastic to keep it fresh and they spray the vegetables with chemicals to take the bacteria off. Food manufacturers could stop putting fruit into plastic. Instead of plastic wrappers, they could pack them into a basket. I think the Food Manufacturers should make a tally of all New Zealand’s  favourite fruit and vegetables. Some people throw out their rubbish into the ocean, where fish and other sea creatures live. Once they the plastic goes through the drains and into the ocean, the fish will swallow the plastic and they will stop breathing which will be very bad.

Food distributors.

Food distributors regularly supply shops with fresh food. They transport the food from the manufacturers to the retailers. They make the food look nice and they make them smell good. They also make it healthier because so has no chance of becoming rotten. Food distributors should only transport the fruits and veggies, that kids like and that are very healthy.

Food Retailers.

Food retailers are the people who sell the food at dairy’s, school tuck shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. They decided the prices for the fruits. The problem is that sometimes the prices are really expensive so they buy cheaper food that aren't that healthy. Food retailers should lower the price for healthy food.

These are all the people who I think can make children eating healthy fruit and vegetables.

By Luisa

Jealousy takes over

Two bodies were found buried near a spa, where they went missing six days before. The Bodies belonged to Miss Honduras, the beauty queen and her sister. They were found near the La Guagua spa. The two women were shot to death and it seemed to the investigators that they were murdered the night they disappeared.

Sofia, one of the sisters of Miss Honduras,her boyfriend confessed to killing the sisters with another man . Sophia's mother said that they had gone out with people they haven't known for a long time.

Ruiz, Sofia’s boyfriend, Shot Sofia because, she was dancing with another man. After an argument, Ruiz pulled out a pistol and shot her. The beauty queen was shot twice at the back. They then buried the bodies near a river which was not so far away from where they were shot.

Maria Jose Alvarado is crowned the new Miss Honduras in San Pedro, Sula, Honduras. Alvarado. Photo / APIt was a hard experience for the families that were related to the girls.