Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Movie Night with the family-Holiday

Yesterday night my family watched the one and only movie San Andreas. I could tell from the trailer that the movie was going to be epic. When we were watching the movie, there were some unexpected scenes that moved me, frightened me and made me laugh. In San Andreas my favourite actors Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario played the main characters along with Carla Gugino. From the movie I decided that one day I could be one of the top earth quake predictors in America and NZ. Why you ask.? Well lets just say that the movie really did move me and you would have to find out yourself watching San Andreas. 

 I recommend that people should watch San Andreas  because it is a spectacular movie.

10 Day Challenge-8 Fears

Today is the 2nd day of the 10 Day challenge yet I have to list 8 different fears of mine and believe me I have many.

1-I am afraid of spiders, just looking at spiders makes me jump up because its like their crawling all around me.
2-I fear of group of clowns, I don't know what it is with clowns that scare me, maybe its there squeezable nose or they're hideous makeup.
3-I fear falling of a cliff or a building, in some of my dreams I dream of falling off a cliff but never crashing into the ground.
4-I fear of fruit mutating into hungry hulk fruits, that is why I draw on fruits so they look happy and so they have a face.
5-I am scared of ants, ants are just like spiders to me except there are billions of them crawling around me.
6-I am scared of snakes, the way they slither around and hiss just gives me chills up my spine.
7- I am afraid of swimming in the ocean, the feeling that sharks swim around everyday seeking for prey also gives me chills.
8-Last of all I am afraid of watching scary movies by myself, in scary movies there is always a silent part which I know something surprising will pop up and scare me. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

10 day challenge-9 loves

Today I will be listing 9 things I love to do or just love.

1-I love my family because since there are a lot of us we have each others back in any situation.
2-I love to listen to Chris Brown music because he has such a nice voice and because he is one of the most famous people I know in America.
3-I love to eat cookie and cream ice-cream, I would always lick the leftovers in the ice-cream tub.
4-I love to play sports because I reckon I am very good at it and because sports are a lot of fun.
5-I love everything I have and own because most of the time I am grateful for what I am given.
6-I love to watch vampire movies or programmes because when I watch them I kind of want to be a vampire.
7-I love to read books, when I read books I feel like I am right in the setting of the book and exploring with the characters in the book.
8-I love eat, even though I eat a lot of food every day but I don't put on that much weight, I gotta say the food I eat is very delicious.
9-I love animals, there are some peaceful animals which I would like to keep as pets and same with the vicious animals.

IXL Practice

Today I went on IXL daily practise and was practising my time tables on Multiplication facts. I got most of the answers right because I know all of my time tables.

Monday, 28 September 2015

The start of the 10 Day Challenge

Today I am starting one part of my homework which is the 10 day challenge. I will start off by listing 10 secrets of mine.

1-When I was little I ate anything that looked chocolate.
2-Justin Biber was one of my idols when I was 8 or 9 years old.
3-I used to have imaginary friends called Lucas and Lyla.
4-I sleep sing and laugh.(Weird yeah)
5-I once thought I was a cat and purred around after 2 hours.
6-I draw faces on fruit and make names for them.
7-I play girly games sometimes.
8-I did not like cheese when I was 5 years old.
9-I made mini sculptures of animals using bread.
10-I used cheese to create a small snow man.

Monday, 21 September 2015

A Tour Like No Other

By David Geary  
School Journal - Part 4 Number 2 2011
WALT: Understand how times change
SC: Compare how international politics affected many lives in many ways.
By David Geary  

Today for reading, the Kakapo reading group read an article called "A tour like no other." in the school journal. The article was about the Springboks touring in NZ in 1981. In the article, I read about how the South African people treated each other and the way that different races were also being treated as well as the two countries playing rugby against each other.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country Preparation

For Cross Country preparation, room 7 students ran 2 laps around the luxurious green field. As I slowly jogged my way beside the other girls, the wind cooled me down and gently guided me through the track. As I was running, I saw the students who zoomed off past me slowed down and started to walk through the track. My strategy however was to have a slow pace at the start and speed up later. I thought that I'll finish the race off with sprinting at the end.

I was up to my last lap, I stopped twice in order to catch my breath but continued after a 5 second breather. In the last corner of the field I watched Whitney as she jogged at the back of me. Finally Whitney and I made it to the where all the teachers were and slumped down in exhaustion. We also watched those who were also finishing, we cheered them on and congratulated them. I felt very pleased to see that I was tired but hyped up.

Friday, 11 September 2015

World's Deepest Pool!!

The article that I have read is called World’s Deepest Pool.

The author of the article is Diane Mulhern.

1. In your own words describe what happened in this news article.
At a italian hotel, Architect Emmanuel Boretto designed and built the deepest swimming pool in the world. The swimming pool is 130 ft deep which is the depth of 9 double decker buses. All who swim in the pool have to take air tanks, there are different planks in the swimming pool for the different swimmers.
2. Find out where this event took place and include some information about this place.
The article took place in 4 star hotel Terme Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, Italy.
3. Use the research tool to find the meaning of 3 words from the article
These definitions are from the web.
A person who designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction.
Allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.
required to be done, achieved, or present; needed; essential

Our future food

WALT: Create an argument with a point of view (P.O.V) and reasons for or against.
SC: Use evidence for or against the topic to create an argument.

Here is a link to video clips about Eating bugs:

I know what you would be thinking, "Gross Insects".? You would be very surprised to see the good side of eating insects and maybe you would consider insects in you healthy diet. Well its up to me to convince you to join my side but before you carry on reading let me tell you a joke. What is a insects favourite sport? Cricket. 

People should include insects in their healthy diet.

In my opinion I agree with the statement and that we should consider eating insects in our healthy diet because insects are very nutritious, raising insects is free and sometimes we don’t know it but we automatically eat food that contain insects in them.

Firstly, Eating insects are not as bad as you think, insects are actually very healthy and environmentally friendly. They have highly more protein, fiber and nutrients like iron and zinc than beef and chicken. We need iron, protein and fibre to keep ourselves healthy. Insects are no different to their relatives shrimp, crabs and lobsters. 2 billion people currently eat insects like tarantulas s or toasted grasshoppers. Plus the after tastes of some insects taste like normal food that we eat every day. Like as some people say “Crickets taste like potato chips” or “Scorpions taste like popcorn”. So what do you think about flavoured insects.?

Also insects have less fat and fewer calories than a piece of chicken, beef or pork. If you  compare a piece of beef to a cricket, a cricket has more protein, vitamins and minerals then a piece of beef which only has protein. Plus insects are more edible and digestible. For example we can only eat 40% meat of a cow, 50%  meat of a chicken but only 80% of a cricket. So when you eat a cow or chicken you're actually wasting the other parts of the animal unlike insects.  There are at least 2,000 edible insects in the world and when people eat them it's called Entomophagy.

Unbelievably, in other countries like Mexico and Cambodia it is very normal to cook and eat insects. Turns out insects are part of their traditional food. Some people would mix insects in cookie mixtures or make grasshopper kebabs. So the message here is that some countries find eating insects completely normal. Insects are slowly starting to appear in Western(Countries like NZ or Aus) menus but most people are still squeamish around cooked insects.

Secondly, raising insects are much more cheaper and free than harvesting cows or chickens. To produce 1kg of beef it takes 22000 liters of water. To produce 1kg of pork it takes 3200 liters of water. But to make 1 kilo gram of a cricket only takes 1 liter of water. Which is because most insects keep hydrated by the food they eat.

Harvesting insects are more efficient for third world countries who find it hard to look for food. To raise insects we use less technology or investments unless they are needed. To grow a piece of meat it takes 200 square meters of land and to grow 1 pound of crickets it takes 15 square meters of land. With all insects that are free its is much easier to hunt and catch them.

Some believe that eating insects are our future food. Higher food prices develop as the years go by, which some people are not able to afford. So we should start to consider insects in our daily food choices because insects are cheap and free. Plus even though I haven't eaten insects I wouldn’t doubt that they are disgusting but I think that they would taste delicious. Nothing wrong with taking one step in my food choices.

Finally, people may not know it or believe it but most of the food we are eating  are contained with insects. Food like fruit canned sodas, peanut butter and chocolate. Shocking right, and I eat chocolate all the time. But I guess healthy insects in junk food makes junk food healthy-I doubt it. Also in every 100 grams of spinach there are at least 50 insects in the spinach. In peanut butter, they only allow 30 body parts of a insects such as heads, bodies or legs.

Now I will be talking about insect food made by some of the famous chefs. For Entree we got Crispy grasshoppers or known as Chapulines which are very famous insects in Mexico but normally people call Chapulines crispy bacon. Now for main is the deep fried tarantulas, deep fried tarantulas are put into tempura batter and then fried in hot oil. Last but not least to finish our meal I have desert Grasshopper almond flour cake, with square pineapples with coco loco ice cream with a touch of grasshopper on the pineapples. I would like to have some tasty fried tarantula, How about you.?

Last but not least insects are more available than any food products. Once all our food products sell out, insects would be all we got along with other animal meat. But I think if we have to choose between meat and insects I guarantee insects would have a better healthier chance than meat because there are enough insects for everyone to share and insects have been around longer than expected.

Including insects in our healthy diet is important because insects are unbelievably healthy, raising insects are more efficient and eating insects are already part of our natural life. But the important question is, Would you eat insects?, I know I would.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Digital Art work

Today, I created digital art using sumo paint. I enjoyed mixing and matching colours and shapes to create one piece of art work. I have drawn a huge speaker with colours that represent me. In my second photo it looks like six fingers but those fingers represent rules I have. Those rules are be myself, be confident, show respect, be honest, show affirmation and try my best.

Our Duffy Role Model

Today, we had a Duffy role model assembly. Our Duffy role model was Myron Simpson, Junior Olympic champion who came second in the ominions and was placed fourth in the commonwealth games. Myron Simpson explained how he traveled to 25 countries through out his 25 years of cycling. He started cycling since he was 3 years old and he is very passionate about the food he eats and cooks.Myron showed us his different gear that he uses when he is cycling. He had his helmet which was air brushed with the NZ symbols and the silver fern. He had his cycling shoes with cleats on the bottom so that his shoes attach onto the pedal of his bike. Then Myron showed his silver medal that he won in Mexico. He also showed us his bike which is 7 kilograms and has very thin wheels. Lastly he showed us his skin suit. His skin suit looked small but he explained that the fabric used to make the skin suit was very thin and stretchy .All of Myron's gears are designed to be aerodynamic which means his gear was designed make him go faster. He also explained that before he traveled to different countries he would first read about the country and food they eat before traveling there. Myron also owns his own muesli factory and makes his own muesli called Myron's Muesli. Last of all, Myron asked us questions which we answered. The students that he chose to answer his questions got to come up next to him and had a special opportunity to wear his gear. Danny wore his silver medal, Honey wore his helmet, Mateaki wore his special shoes and Siueli wore his skin suit and got to ride his bike. I really enjoyed getting to meet such a wonderful athlete.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Motorway Debate

School Journal - Part 4 Number 1 1992 WALT: Compare arguments for and against. SC: create a Venn diagram to show ideas for an against an idea. WALT: Use information in a text to research further SC: research the current state of transport in Auckland and decide if you agree / disagree

Today for reading to share my learning I created a Venn Diagram along with a google presentation to show the good and bad side about motorways. Also I investigated the Projects and Roadworks website to find a article about transport upgrades to read about and then summarize. I chose the article Beach Road Walking and cycling programme.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Brushing your teeth

It is important to brush your teeth everyday because you need to get rid of the bacteria and decay from your teeth. Also so you have clean and healthy teeth. To brush your teeth properly you have to brush in little circles for 2 minutes.

To show that we care very much about each of our teeth we each got a toothbrush, a cup filled with water and tooth paste on each of our tooth brushes. Then we went outside and started brushing our teeth for 2  minutes. After 2 minutes we rinsed our mouth with the water in the cups. I enjoyed learning the proper way of brushing our teeth and learning the different names of our teeth.

Our incisor are the 4 front teeth on the top and bottom which is also known as the food cutters. Next are our canine teeth, there are 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom and is known as the food tearer. Now we have our first molars, they are called food grinders and there are 3 in each corner of your mouth. Last but not least we have our second molars which are the same as our first molar. There are 2 next to each first molars.

Displaying photo 4.JPGDisplaying photo 3.JPG

Friday, 4 September 2015

Glenbrae School is the Best in the WORLD!!

WALT: Write an argument
SC: Have three reasons why Glenbrae school is the best school, and support each reason with facts or examples.

Glenbrae School is the best
In my opinion, I think Glenbrae school is the best because we are digital learners, we have the best teachers, and we have beautiful school grounds.

At Glenbrae school, we are positive digital learners who use all sorts of digital resources for our learning. All students who are year 5 and up receive netbooks which they have to pay for. Those who are younger use school Ipads or computers for their learning as well as their exercise books. Each netbook fully belongs to the student once they fully pay for the netbook. Older students use Google drive to write on documents and share their work to their teachers. Each student who receive their netbook have  4 folders in their drive Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry which is the same as topic.  

Also once you fully pay for your netbook, your parents could have a training session with your teacher so that your parents know how to use the netbooks and so you can take your netbook home. When you take your netbook home you get to complete your school work at home and maybe have free time. Luckily for those who do not have internet at home don’t need to worry, teachers take a survey of those who don’t have wifi and provide a password to the internet network TLN.

Part of our digital learning is our teachers create blogs for us so we can share our learning to the world. On our blogs we have a small globe that rotates and shows the people who visit our blogs from different countries. We share varieties of our work such as our reading activities, different genres 0f writing and what we learn during our lesson in class. To share our work we use google blogger, google blogger is where we make our blog posts and then publish them. It is important for our students to share our work so others know what we are learning about and so we can look back at our hard work.

Secondly, we have the best, intelligent and unique teachers. Our teachers plan and organize activities for us in the weekends and afternoons on school days so once we come back to school we are ready to learn. They work very hard to keep us on track in our learning by encouraging us and believing that we can make it to the national standard. But other than learning, my teacher cracks me up with her crazy dance moves, our teachers and staff have one thing in common. They make learning  fun and exciting. Plus we have the fittest, fastest, serious but  funny teachers who do all they can to improve our learning. Also our teachers make time to focus on our behaviour and the way we treat ourselves and others.

All teachers award and compliment all students on the great work they do.  They even compliment on our work on our individual blogs. When teachers comment on our blogs they teach us to be thoughtful, positive, specific and helpful in our feedback towards the other students. We receive certificates and rangimarie cards for respecting learning, environment, others and property. Not only do they give out rewards but they set our goals higher so what we are learning is not easy but hard, otherwise we don’t have challenge to face against. If our work is hard, we get stuck but very eager to get the answers so we keep on practicing and have more resilience.

Unbelievably, students are not the only people who have teachers but even our teachers have teachers at university. They have teachers to teach them more about great learning. Our teachers also go to conferences to share their learning to other teachers so they get an different idea of teaching. Which is also how our teachers have such unique ideas of how to make our learning interesting. By having their own teachers they learn what they have to improve on and what to work on to get to another level of teaching. One more thing, our teachers are not just wonderful educators but a great influence and role models to the children they teach.

Finally, at Glenbrae School our school grounds are beautiful. So far most of our school school grounds have been renovated and renewed. Especially our P.E shed, Arts room, Media Team room and our girls and boys toilets. Thanks to the help of our Kiwi can leaders  who organized and donated some P.E equipment to the school. Now that we have a media team room, our media team have room to edit and film movies. Also the builders  just need to add some finishing touches to our bathrooms which looks very fancy.

Not only do we have beautiful buildings but now have art murals that our Kiwi can helpers and students are finishing off. The art mural is based on the themes and topics we have in our Kiwi can lessons and with paintings of people playing sports. Our art mural is going to be displayed in front of the P.E shed so when we are on the park, we can admire the art mural.

Last of all, we have a rubbish free field and courts. Our field is edged by large trees, with a trail leading up to the field. We also have a little shade on the top to rest whenever you want to. Our courts are lined all the way through to the park. The courts are mainly for basketball and Netball and the field is mainly for soccer and rugby. We have one or two rules about playing on the courts, which is we can’t kick balls on the courts and you can only play touch on the courts so no one gets hurt.

Glenbrae School is the best because we  are smart learners learning digitally,  We have excellent teachers who comment positively on our work and we have astonishing school grounds with  beautiful art murals built by some of our wonderful students and our kiwi can leaders.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Kanye West for President?

The article I read is called Kanye West for president?

The author of the article is Diane Mulhern

1.In your own words describe what happened in this news article.
At the MTV Video award this year, Kanye West received the award for Michael Jackson Vanguard award, during his speech he announced in 2020 he will be running for president. Most were shocked including his wife Kim Kardashian. But some people said that he smoked drugs just before the show.
2.Find out where this event took place and include some information about this place.
The event took place in Downtown Los Angeles where the MTV video awards was held.
3.Tell us when this event happened and explain what might happen in the future.
The MTV video awards was on August the 30th 2015 and in the future it may be possible that Kanye West could be the next president.
4.Explain in your own words why this event took place.
This event took place so that music artists receive awards for their hard work in their music videos.

A group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.