Thursday, 4 September 2014

All about me

Malo le’le I’m Luisa and I am A student at Glenbrae.
I am half Tongan and half German but only speak Tongan.

My family is special because there are thirteen of us. I have 5 five sisters plus me and eight brothers and my mum and dad. My older brothers and sisters go college at Sacret Heart and Auckland girls grammar. These are my brothers and sisters name, oldest to youngest.  Lucinda, Mary -anne, Mateaki, Sione, Siosifa, me, Sia, Viliami, Kuea, Soane, Palu, manu and Saia. My mum’s name is Nolini and My dad’s name is Sione. My dad works at a work shop called Swages and my mum stays at home looking after the three little ones. I love shopping with my family and playing games with them.

When I grow up I want to become a singer and travel to places like Washington D.C, Canada, New York and California or I will become fashion designer, designing clothes for superstars and sometimes wear my own designs. I want to go to these places because I want to see the white house and meet the president of united states also because I want to the different stuff that famous people do.

My favourite foods are Hawaiian pizza, chocolate cake and muffins. I love different kinds of fruit like pineapple, orange, banana, strawberries and apples. I like to go MacDonald and Carl's jr. My favourite ice-cream is Cookie and cream.

My favourite Sports are  Rugby league, Tennis, Netball and Basketball. I like to watch the Rugby world cup, Glasgow Commonwealth games and Olympics.

I like to watch Flash, Arrow, walking dead and Vampire Diaries. I like to watch these programmes because there is romance, drama and action.

My favourite animals are cheetahs, lions, red panda, penguins and polar bears. I like all these animals because they are all cute and are all unique.

What makes me unique is that i'm a weird in a funny. I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to books which is different from other girls. I was told that i have a feminine voice and I have a conection with ice creams which is weird.

                                                     This is me