Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ripper Rugby-Skills

Today was our second to last kiwi sport session. We were mostly focusing on distracting our offenders, passing and using the space around us.

Before we got into our important activities, we played two games of Tag Bull rush. Then focused on our passing skills. Like last week, we continued passing in line except there were two balls. Afterwards we got split up into 2 groups according to our tag colours. Then coach Matt set three players from the opposite team on the field and five from the yellow team. The yellow team had to score at the other team’s starting line while the white team tries to defend.
Soon, we switched positions so that the white team now had five players on and we had three. It was so challenging because we had less players to defend the other team, where they can get through us easily.

Later on we got to play as a whole team against the white team. We were off at a rough start but soon got more confident in our passing and defending. I’m not bragging or anything, but I think I was pretty flash on my dodging skill. We ended up with a draw and both teams exhausted and relieved.

Today’s session was awesome, fun and exciting. I learnt more skills and really improved on my defending as well as my passes.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Food description

Our work for writing today was to create a description about a certain food to make the audience want to eat it. The food I chose was chocolate. To display my writing I put my writing on a Whitaker's background.

(Click to enlarge)

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Ripper Rugby

Ripper rugby is a type of rugby sport, except it is a none contact sport so it is safer for boys and girls. To play this sport it includes belts, tags and instead of tackling each other you have to rip the tag of the opponents belt.

Room 7 had an opportunity to be taught this sport by a Varsity coach called Matt. Matt made us focus on our passing skills so we knew where to pass and how. To get us warmed up we played a few games of Ball Tag. There were three taggers who ran around trying to tag us and when they did tag us we had to do one star jump. For our first activity we lined up in four lines of five/six, then ran in a line slightly falling behind the player with the ball. Once the ball had gone to each of the players running, the next line continues with the same routine.

In this lesson I learnt the correct way to pass the ball which was to pass back instead of passing the ball forward. I also learnt how to make it tricky for my opponent to grab my tag which was a surprise because we weren't learning about it yet.

Playing this sport really made me exhausted and kinda irritated because of all the running and because my shoes got really wet.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Language features

For writing this week, we were given the task of defining and giving examples of language features that we could include in our description writing.

For example:

Language Feature:
Words that sound or starts with the same letter
She Sells Shells on the Sea Shore

Comparing an object or person to one thing in particular
That girl is as thin as a piece of string

A figure of speech of an object or person
Timmy is on thin ice/Life's a roller coaster

A phrase or opinion that lacks originality
When you have lemons make lemonade

A sentence that includes the same vowel in each of the words
How now brown cow


A sound that is converted into words


Being sarcastic and exaggerating.

Meaning one thing but also meaning another.
There are roaches infesting the office of a pest control service

Looking at her son's messy room, Mom says, "Wow, you could win an award for cleanliness!"

Return of the Moa

This week for reading, my reading group had to create a presentation about a book called Return of the Moa. Return of the Moa is about scientists who are thinking of bringing the Moa and other extinct animals back to life. This is called De-Extinction. To share my work Danny-Joe and I created a pow toon presentation.

Enjoy our presentation

Here is the link to our presentation
Return of the Moa

Monday, 7 March 2016


This is my description about my second older sister who I adore very much.

Firefly like eyes dazzle from a distance and right there she’s recognized. No one can resist her deadly glare which lures you and takes you under her control. Her long light ash brown hair looks like a flowing golden river. The blonde streaks in between her luscious hair gives her hair a light feeling. Her smooth pale skin feels like a serene polished pearl that glistens when touched. The hair that straightens up on her skin feels like soft grass. Even if you are a metre away or closer you can still pick up her velvety scent that makes your nose bloom up with excitement.

Though her appearance is appealing her personality is not so far away. She moves slightly different from the others, like a prancing horse but slightly gentle. To get her adrenaline fired up all you have to do is touch her belongings, she steams up ready to explode full of anger. Though sometimes her movements are graceful like angels disguised as swans.

She might seem peaceful and graceful but she’s all tenacious, stubborn and rough when it comes to her hobbies. It’s like a butterfly and a buffalo except she’s the buffalo. Her hobbies are playing rugby(with boys) and just going on social media. Her and her phone are like honey and glue stuck to each other. Her horn like fists power through the air like a sword cutting through thin air when she is play fighting.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Animated Story Ideas

These are my ideas about what I think should be our topic for our animated story. I have listed 10 of my favourite things in the world, using Mind Map.

(Click the link to arrive at my mind map)
Animated Story Idea

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Woods description

This is my description about a imaginary woods that I am pretending to walk through.

Into the Woods
Twisted and wrinkled trees surrounded my shadowed face. Sinister glares shot at me like bullets. The gentle breeze brushed against my frozen skin, giving my bone cheek a tickle. The stars above shone beautifully like a Goddess disguised as the night. The scent of mouldy mushrooms filled the air like toxic fumes. Shadows crept around leaving no trace yet a sign. Suddenly a sturdy voice left me frozen on the spot, echoes bounced off the old trees and into my ears which sent a shiver down my spine. A shock travelled through my body like lightning that had struck my bones, I was scared out of my wits. It felt as if I were paralysed until the voices vanished in my head and I knew there was nothing there but me. The forest fell into silence, all that was heard was the relief in my breath and the trees rustling around. I felt stunned, startled but satisfied as well.
Image result for into the woods