Friday, 29 May 2015

New Zealand at war

I learnt how to create a postcard, using the information from Grey's Angel and Caesar the ANZAC dog.
I found it difficult to find out the positive and negative information in the online book my reading group read.

Friday, 22 May 2015

The new hair trend

Name of article that I read:
The name of the article is Grey before your time
The author of this article is Diana Mulhern


1. What was the key event from the news article?
The key event to the article is when you think of grey hair, you’ll probably think of your sweet grandmother but now  young girls are willing to die their hair grey. Grey hair is a popular trend,  and the question everybody is asking is Would you dye your hair grey?.
2. Where did this event take place?
This event took place on Instagram, it was talked about and went viral on Instagram.
3. Why did this event happen?
This event happened so they could  motivate young women to try a new kind of hair trend.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Museum Of Transport And Technology

Wednesday 13 of May 2015, Room 7 and the rest of the senior syndicate went on a field trip in a bus to MOTAT to learn about world war 1 and the technology they used in the war.

First Room 7, travelled by bus to go to MOTAT, it was a very long ride but we finally arrived. We got off the bus and into our groups that Mrs.Parker set us into. Room 7 and the other classes waited at the main gate for the educator, Jessica to tell us  where we had to go. Once the educator finished speaking about the rules we walked over to a rotundo that had a mat on the wooden floor. We sat down as  Jessica told us where the toilets were, she also said if you have any fruit, put the peeling into a yellow bin that is next to the rubbish bin. She also explained that class 2 will be with her and class 1 and 3 will be going on the self guided trail.

Afterwards we had our morning tea, when we finished eating we put our bags into 2 huge cages and lined up in our groups. One by one the classes left in their groups, I was in  Mrs.Parker’s group with Darvani, Vainikolo, Simeon, Tamati, Charlie and Mary. Our group first went to the K900 train, which was a steam train that had a huge engine in the front and was powered by coal. Meanwhile the other classes were heading to their activity with Jessica, I waved out the window of the train hoping they will notice, but sadly the didn’t. Then we went into the brick house that was near the rotunda. Inside that brick house, there was a huge wheel that looked like a water mill. That huge wheel is what they used to send the water to all the houses. But now we just use a water tap.

Later on ,we took a long tour around the old shops, Mr.Parker pretended she wanted to get some food. We joked around, asking the fake man to get us the food that we wanted, then we had a look at the water pump. The water pump had two taps at each end but to make it work you had press the handle up and down. Water started pouring out of the taps and into a huge wooden like bowl. Then we headed towards the old school. The old school looked casual, there were wooden desks, there was a picture that had rules written on it. Mrs.Parker read it out loud, but I couldn't remember any of them. Mrs. Parker told us that in the olden days, if you disrespect an adult then they will get a long stick and whip you. Back then it was cruel, on the board in the front of the room there was a list of activities the students had to do, it was neatly written. Mrs.Parker also told us even if they don’t copy the hand writing right they would get a wip, Mrs.Parker was very glad that they changed the rules.

Next we went into the old village, there was a bench that was covered with stones and we sat on it to take a photo. We went into the houses and came back it was amazing to see how they lived back then. The we went to the mirror maze, there was a sign on the floor that had a running stick man with a cross across him and that meant no running in the maze. At first we stuck as group but all of a sudden the whole group split up. I was actually lost, I stuck my hand out so that I don’t bump into any mirrors. I panicked because all that could see was my own reflection. I walked forward because I thought that Mary was in front of me but it was actually her reflection. Mary was at the back of me so I bumped into the wall. I also bumped into Mrs.Parker and yelled “AHH!! You’re a real person!” Finally I made it out, it was so confusing. By the time I came out my group was in the theater, worst of all I had to go back in to find Charlie.

After a while, we went to an area where there were heaps of old cars. Some of the cars were cut in half and stuck onto the walls so that people can hop inside to take a look. There was also a wall that had different kinds of horns, that clowns use on their unicycles. On the other half of the wall, there were steering wheels and I pretended that I was a crazy driver. Afterwards we headed up the rail, that was above the old vehicles. As we headed up the rail, there was a room that had a glass window, filled with old games and old computers. Mrs.Parker even mentioned back then she used to play with one of the games that were inside the room. Moments later, we arrived at an area where there was different kind of bikes. All kinds of bikes were hung up on the ceilings. There was also a manikin on a BMX bike on top of a hill, which was part of the display.

Eventually, our group had to go to the next activity which was the play area. There was a earthquake cafe room which was a lot of fun and there were all kinds of fun activities. My favourite activity in the play area was the spinning wheel. We only had 10 minutes left till we had to go on the tram ride. A few minutes later we were trying to find the tram station. As we arrived at the tram station Mrs,Card’s group was already there and the tram had just dropped off another school. The tram switched sides of the train and we hopped inside the tram. The tram driver, Dennis explained some important rules. Then the tram ride began.

After the tram ride we headed back to the rotunda to have our lunch. As soon as we finished our lunch we waited until all the other classes were back. Room 9 first went off to the self guided trail. Room 7 was with Jessica. Jessica took us into a large room filled with pretty displays. Jessica stood in front of each display, and explained what they are and what activities we had to do with them. My favourite activity was the activity with flags. Back the in the war they signaled each other with flags. I tried a couple of signals and spelt CHANGE. There was the typewrite, the medals and the Queen Mary box(the real deal). Jessica yelled out that our time was finished and it was time to head back to school. Room 7 went back to the rotunda, grabbed our bags and lined up. Then Robin stood up and thanked MOTAT for the wonderful trip.

One by one each class walked down to the main gate, and hopped onto the bus. Finally we were back at school, exhausted and educated.

Grandpa, what did you do in the war?

A poetry verse is like a paragraph. In verse 2 and 4, made me feel more interested in the Anzac poem and in verse 6 to 8, made my feel emotional. Grandpa did not tell his grandson the first things that came into his memory because most of the memories that came back to his mind were bad memories about some tragic events that happened.

I learned how to identify the feelings of the character for each verse in the poem and I found it difficult to find out the feelings in verse 6 and down.

Here is a link to the Anzac poem my reading group read about.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Positive Digital Footprint

In ten years time my teachers Mrs.Raj and Mrs.Parker will find this Positive Digital Footprint of mine and they will be proud of me. I have learned how to create a Positive Digital Footprint of my future. I am going to be cyber smart and positive in my life.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Basketball Training

Tuesday 5th of May, was a bright morning and at 10:20 am we went out to basketball to learn new skills. As we walked towards the basketball court, the other class before us was sitting in a 2 sets of lines and coach Chanel was waiting on the other side of the court.

First of all coach Chanel told us to get into partners of 2, and one person from your partnership had to get a ball. When half of the room 7 students all had gotten a ball, coach Chanel demonstrated some ball handling skills to us. The hardest skill was bouncing the ball between my feet and trying to catch it behind my feet.

After the skills we played a game called Dribbling Tag, so the rules were that the partner with the ball had to dribble the ball while trying to tag the other partner, but you could not run you had to speed walk. Dribble Tag was really fun and exciting.

After we played Dribble Tag we played Ship Shark Shore, the rules for this game was if coach Chanel yelled Ship then you had to dribble the ball towards the field and back. If coach Chanel yells Shore then you dribble the ball towards the side of the court which faces the juniors and dribble back. Lastly if she yells Shark then you can dribble either way and back. The last students to reach the line was eliminated and there was a prize for those who were left dribbling back and forward on the court. I was one of the students who were left on the court and it was so breathtaking dribbling the ball back and forward.

As soon as we Ship Shark Shore, we played Octopus but with a twist. The twist was that the taggers had to dribble the ball and they could not run with it. The game was quite easy because the non taggers had an unfair advantage because the taggers could not run with the ball.

Todays basketball training was great I could not wait for our next training next week

My holiday event

Guess what I did for my holidays, if you guessed I did something exciting that is where you are a little bit  wrong. You see my holiday was quite a mix up, there were days when I woke up  doing nothing and there were other days where I went to an exciting place.

Well I will have to at least tell you the exciting part of my holiday okay here I go. The Sacred Heart Tongan group planned a social party for all the boys who joined the Tongan polyfest group. They announced that the party will be held in a hall near the Panmure library, and the day it was held on was Saturday the 11th of April. When the day came, we had to cook food to share with all the people who are going to arrive at the social. My family cooked a traditional tongan food called Ota and we also fried  fish and chips. My 2 older sisters, older brother(who is supposed to go because he was part of the Tongan group) and my sister and I.

When we arrived at the hall we each carries a tray of food, as we entered the hall there were lined up and tables with a man that assumed was a dj player. my family put the trays on a table where there were heaps of other food on the table. Then we sat down at a table, a lady then approached our table with a bottle of juice and mango juice in a glass jug. Suddenly the dj player played music that was really loud and I couldn’t even hear myself talk. But finally the party was starting to begin, all the year thirteens walked to the front where there was a table just for them. One of the men who were in charge called all the other Sacred boys to come in and sit at the back. Then the punake which is like the person who teaches them the moves, announced that before the year thirteens do their speeches a girl came in to perform a tongan dance. One by one the year thirteens stood up and danced at the back to draw the audience in and audience came in and put dollar notes on her skin which was covered with oil.

Afterwards all the families, relatives and friends of the sacred heart boys went to get some food. Before I even reached to the fried rice it was all gone because we had to wait in a long line. When everyone was settled the head leaders said a little speech about thee time at Sacred Heart college. After the speeches the dj cranked the music up and everyone was on the dance floor. After dancing and eating my family got tired, drove back home to sleep. I had a amazing time well not entirely amazing but best holiday so far.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Maths reflextion

For maths today my maths group was working with Mrs.Parker. We were learning about equivalent fractions and how to identify patterns with fractions.

Edna's journey in world war 1

Today I read a online book called Grey Angels, it is about a nurse called Edna who served in world war 1 and about her amazing journey during the war. Edna nursed soldiers who had a illness called dysentery(a infection in your intestines) and some had bullet wounds, or sharpenal( bits of a bomb shell that that gets thrown out). Also the job that Edna was qualifying for had active service and the people who were going to fight in the war thought that they would be fighting in Western front but they were fighting in Gallipoli.

 I learned how to make a timeline using Google maps UK and I found it difficult to read the text to find out what happened in Edna's journey in World war 1.

Here is a picture of  my timeline about Edna's journey and if you want, there is a link at the top that shows the website to my map/timeline.