Friday, 28 August 2015

Ella's how to save a whale interview

School Journal - Part 3 Number 2 2009

WALT: Identify parts of a narrative
SC: show parts of a narrative using a graphic organizer 
School Journal - Part 3 Number 2 2009

For reading today, Honey and I wrote a script so we can produce a video about interviewing Ella from a story we read.  In our video we have a reporter which is Honey and Ella which is me. Sit back a relax and enjoy our wonderful interview.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Zombies in disguise

WALT - To write a narrative about a time at the mall with friends.
SC - A beginning middle and end… with a moral to the story.

For the past week or so, I have been working on a narrative about zombies and the morale of the story I have written is to don't underestimate a evil mastermind.

“Run girls run, I’ll take care of them” cried Felicity. “Don’t worry, we got your back sis”, yelled the twins. Felicity, Lisa and Cassidy are zombies hunters and sisters who had been traveling to Atlanta to find their cousins. As they were travelling they came upon a shopping mall that looked pretty normal to them. They entered the mall to look for food and new clothes but weren't very surprised to see zombies lurking around the shops. The girls snuck into one of the food shops hoping no zombies saw them until they heard a noise in the aisle beside them. They peeked through tiny holes through the shopping items. They were very surprised to see another girl in the store, “Psst psst, over here, how did you come in here unseen and duck the zombies are going to see you” whispered Lisa. The mysterious girl grinned at them in a creepy way that gave the twins goosebumps. Then the girl turned into a zombie and did a zombie called OOOH errr cried the zombie girl. Felicity, Lisa and Cassidy realised they were trapped because zombies just appeared in every entrance of the mall and of the shop they were in.

“Run girls run, I’ll take care of them” cried Felicity. “Don’t worry, we got your back sis”, yelled the twins. The zombies attacked the girls, Felicity took her weapon out but was too late the zombies had already got the twins and now Felicity. They took all the girls to a cave underneath the mall, as they were dragged there were zombies turning into humans and back into a zombie. At the same time they were fascinated but disturbed. All the zombies they passed had a sinister smirk on their faces and froze as they came past, almost like statues. Felicity, Lisa and Cassidy tried to get hold of eachother’s hand but were pulled apart by the zombies. As they reached the end of the cave, a secret entrance was revealed and then closed as they walked in. It was so dark and damp, they felt their hair on their skin straighten because they were creeped out. Finally they met the mastermind behind their capture. All the girls gulped at the same time, they were angry and surprised, it turned out the masterminds were their own parents. In disbelief, Lisa opened her mouth but no words came spilling out, same did Cassidy and Felicity.

“Welcome my darlings, like what I have done with place” said Mrs. Rode, there was a pause of silence for a few seconds before she started to talk again. “Well aren’t you happy to see us, oh and don’t worry we are their zombie leader so they won’t attack us, whispered Mrs. Rode. “So you're a nasty zombie?, mum do you even know what we do for living? Do you?” yelled Felicity. “Of course I do, so to stop you girls from destroying our kind is to turn all of you into zombies” said Mrs. Rode in a sickening voice. Mrs. Rode got a needle with green liquid in it, Felicity’s eyes widened as she saw the needles. “she’s going to infect us, quick snap out of it Felicity, get over your fears fast” yelled Cassidy.  Mrs.Rode knew that they will eventually break free so she pretended to fall and landed on Cassidy injecting the needle in her as fast as she could and dropped the needle. “Ow, hey guys look she dropped the needle, I bet I could wriggle over there and cut the ropes off my hands and legs than yours.” As cassidy shuffled over to the needle, Mrs.Rode walked to another room. Cassidy struggled getting the ropes off but when she did there were rope burns around her wrist and ankle. Same with Felicity and Lisa. They quickly ran into a room with photos and pictures of them when they were little. They admired the photos, while still rubbing their wrists. “Come on, don’t get distracted, hey look theres another door” said Lisa. They opened the door, coming to a dead end, they felt the wall and accidentally pressed a hidden button on the wall. The wall flipped over slowly, giving the girls time to run through.

“Hey we’re back at the mall, OK so escape plan is to sneak through all the zombies using our disguise masks”, said Lisa, “Got it, OK move out.” But first they put their disguise masks on and snuck around blending into everything they touched. They were two blocks away from the exit until a siren rung ordering the zombies to search for the girls. Cassidy felt a shock in her body, her eyes turned black and her hair turned grey. Cassidy pressed a small button on her disguise mask which turned off Lisa and Felicity’s masks off.  Cassidy screamed “Attack them, now!”, and so did the zombies. Felicity ran to a light switch which turned off all the lights in the mall, she pressed the switch up and lightning traveled through all the lights in the mall turning them off. Felicity went into night vision mode realising that Lisa had already gone outside. She also realised that she was surrounded by the zombies, not knowing that she was right in front of them. Before Felicity snuck out,  she stuck a grenade on each of the zombies and ran out. “Felicity i’m over here” puffed Lisa, “Come on, this place is about to blow” said Felicity. They entered a forest just a few blocks away from the mall, they ran up a hill just in time to see the mall explode. “What came over Cassidy, she acted very different and looks very different” sobbed Lisa. “Maybe it was the virus that mum had, she must have injected it when she fell on Cassidy” said Felicity hugging Lisa, “but that’s another journey for another day, and right now we have stick together for us and for Cassidy.”

The End

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Exploring Blogs, Cybersmart

Today, I made a info graphic to show what types of learning and creations are on other children's blogs from different schools. Click to enlarge the info graphic.

Monday, 24 August 2015

My Hexagonal prism

Today for maths, I made a 3D shape called a Hexagonal Prism. My Hexagonal Prism has 8 faces. 18 edges and 12 vertices. I am going to use my Hexagonal prism to store my marbles. Mrs. Raj taught us how to measure and make a net to create a 3 dimensional shape. I had fun making my shape and learning about it.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Baby Jupiter Found

The article I have read is called Baby Jupiter found

The author of the article is  Shem Banbury

Astronomers have discovered a new, and younger planet that looks exactly like jupiter but a younger version. The planet is 20 million years old and is way beyond our solar system which 100 light years away. The new planet has been called 51 Eridani b and astronomers have discovered that the new planet has water.
This event took place on the new planet 51 Eridian, which is similar looking to Jupiter and also has water on the planet.
In the future I think that when earth starts to  destruct, we will already have built rockets and transporters and we would probably move to the planet 51 Eridian which is like our backup planet to live on.
4.Use the research tool to find the meaning of 3 words from the article
The definitions are from the web
An apparatus used for recording and measuring spectra, especially as a method of analysis.
extremely large.
a room or building housing an astronomical telescope or other scientific equipment for the study of natural phenomena..

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Character Description

WALT: describe a character’s appearance and traits using descriptive language and anecdotes
Success Criteria

Today for Writing we had to describe a main character from a narrative we are going to write so we had to describe facial and body features using anecdotes.

Felicity has long curly golden blonde hair, pale skin like snow and pale blue eyes which she inherits from her grandmother. She is tall, tough, strong but merciless and loves to hunt zombies. Villagers see her as a humble leader because she offers water, food and cares for the sick and elderly. She is athletic because she can run a marathon for a whole day but when it comes to speeches she bores everyone when she is talking. When felicity is hunting zombies in the day she has to wear dark glasses because her eyes can’t cope with the light. Also because her eyes are pale blue which makes her sight blurry in the day so the dark glasses help.  She is not the sort of girl that wears makeup or girly clothes so she prefers to wear tight suits with all types of weapons around her belt with 2 machetes hung on her back. Felicity is 17 years old and has twin sisters who are also 17 but younger by a few months.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Henry The Explorer-New ending

My new ending to the story, Henry The Explorer is

Henry’s mother started to worry about Henry when he didn't arrive at dusk like he said so.  So she called the survival search team, they told her that she was exaggerating and that he will come home soon. Hours later, it was dark and  Henry still hadn't  come back. The Survival team was now worried that something bad might have happened to him so they started to look for him in the forest he entered. Luckily for the search survival team, Henry had marked the paths he travelled on with the flags he made, so they followed the flags until the flags ended. The last flag was planted underneath a tree with  little crumbs of food  dropped everywhere around the tree. Insects scattered around the food taking small bites, but all of a sudden the search team heard a cry which sounded like Henry’s. The search  group got their torches out and looked for Henry. Finally they found Henry running away from a baby bear, they quickly grabbed Henry and returned him home. Henry’s mum was so relieved her eyes started to well up. Henry’s mum told Henry  “Never go camping without an adult and you too Angus!”

Friday, 14 August 2015

Be Cyber Smart

WALT: find the morale of the story
SC: find the hidden purpose of a story.
School Journal April 2013 Level 3

I learnt that the morale of the story I read is to stay safe online and protect your identity, so you should make sure you aren't sharing personal information about yourself and others. Here is a cyber smart poster that I have made to show what I have learnt and what I know about keeping ourselves safe online. Click to enlarge my poster! :)

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Looking after our teeth

Today we had a special assembly about looking after our teeth. I learnt that coca cola is the most sold item out of  33,000 other supermarket items and coca cola has 16 teaspoons of sugar in a 1.5 litre bottle. Also, every morning and evening we should brush and floss our teeth to avoid decay in our teeth. We should also keep our teeth clean by eating fruit and vegetables as well as food that have no sugar because sugar could make us fat and have diabetes. If you have no floss you could reuse one of your vegetable bags and boil them for about 10 minutes. Then you pull one of the strings out of the bag creating your own floss. Dental therapists recommend that each day we eat food with 4 teaspoons of sugar and no more.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Friend Poems

Today for Writing we had to create 2 rhyming poems about yourself and a friend. For my second poem I chose to write about my best friend Honey. Hope you like my poems!


What shall I be

How about sailor on sea
or become a bumble bee
No thats just silly!!
How about a stinky old pirate
thats controls the climate
Nah that’s impossible
How bout something simple
like a whistle or a wrinkle
But I can do those things using my face
Lets go with a intelligent teacher
or a committed preacher
Eh thats so much hard work
You know what i’ll just stick
with the job I have

Which is? A student!

Golden hair
shining brightly
I think she looks like a Claire
Marching bravely and knightly
breaking rules because she doesn't care
Not to tall not to short
just the right height
She’s smart enough to build a fort
And i’m always wrong when she’s right
Always got my back
When I need a slack
Always cheers me up

Just by saying “Sup”

Claire's Secret Ambition

Today for reading, each group had to read a story and re make the ending of the story with a buddy. My buddy was Honey we re-wrote the ending of the story "Claire's Secret ambition". Please click to enlarge the photo and writing below.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pacifc Presentation

Here is my Haiku poem about our Pacific presentation at the G.I library.  A Haiku poem is 3 lines with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line and 5 syllables in the third line. 

We carved shells with rocks
We played many instruments
We drilled holes in wood

We played the nafa
Freeda taught us the sasa
We had lots of fun

Here is a type of fishing lure that the Samoan, Cook Island, Tongan and Fijian's use to catch octopuses.

Maka Feke(in English it is called the octopus lure)

Here is a Nafa, a type of drum

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Our visit to Glen Innes Library

Today, Wednesday 5th of August,  Room 7 went on a fun trip to the Glen Innes library near the Te Oro center. As we sat down in the bus to go to the G.I library,  we sang  the wheels on the bus then in no time we arrived at the library.

As we got out of the bus the rain was pouring but we made it  to the entrance of the library safe and sound. We walked in admiring the whole lot of books set on the shelves and also the cook island flag that hung on the wall. We were greeted by the Auckland museum people who introduced themselves and discussed the plans for the morning. We were split into 2 groups, and were told that we were going to play a important part of the Maori story about how the mountains in Tamaki Makaurau formed. Both groups were enemy tribes in the story and the stars of the story were Princess Amelia and Prince Danny. The first tribe was the Patupaiarehe, which was the fairy tribe and also the group I was in. Group one had to learn defense moves using a rakau which was a bamboo stick, we also learned stealth moves which was how to move quietly in the forest. The 4 parts of our body that we had to defend was our head, neck, legs and body. When we did all the moves we counted Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha. When it came to the part of the story when both tribes were fighting over Princess Amelia both tribes repeated the moves several time trying to defeat one anothe. Unfortunately none of the tribes won the battle. The king of volcanoes and land interrupted the battle and was very angry at both tribes for fighting since they woke him up from his long slumber. So he created volcanoes and mountains bonding the tribes together creating a whole family.

The next activity we had was making a matau mold. To create the matau mold we were given a piece of clay to roll in a ball. Then we were given 2 different ma tau necklaces to create a mark o the necklace on the clay so we can fill in the mark with Plaster of Paris which is what casts are made of. Afterwards we wrote our name on a napkin and wrapped our matau mold in the napkin. As we each put our matau molds inside a brown paper bag to take back to school, the Auckland Museum helpers were getting ready to give prizes to people who were paying attention during the story. After all the prizes were given out, we were given delicious fruit from the people who worked at the G.I library.

Soon it was time to leave, but before we left I thanked all those who helped with the programme and for teaching great defense skills. As soon as we knew it, we were on the bus ready to go back to school and ready for the 3 conference. I really enjoyed our trip to the G.I library, it was a very fun opportunity and I hope our class would get to go again.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

World Body painting Festival

The name of the article I read is called World Bodypainting Festival.

The author of this article is Diane Mulhern.

Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?
The main person of this news article is the maker of the bodypainting festival Alex Barendregt.

What was the key event from the news article?
The key event from this news article is that, the body painting festival is very popular with lots of fans visiting every year. The people who visit every year are fascinated in the body painting art that look very realistic and beautiful.

Where did this event take place?
This event took place in Austria.

When did this event take place?
This event happened on the 3rd to 5th of July 2015 and this event started on the year 1998.