Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Newspaper clipping

I learnt how to make a newspaper clipping and write a short recount using where, how, when, what and why.
I found it difficult to explain what happened with more details and information.

Malama Hunua
On Wednesday the 25th of March 2015, all the Manaiakalani schools either took a bus or walked to Pt England reserve in Panmure Auckland NZ. All the Manaiakalani Schools traveled to Pt England reserve to welcome two yachts with Hawaiian voyagers on the two boats who sailed to Auckland from Hawaii (The yachts were called Malama Honua waka and there were 2000 kids at the beach). The Hawaiian voyagers came to visit the Manaiakalani schools because after the welcoming one of the leaders from the Hawaiian voyagers gathers a group of kids and teach them how to navigate in Hawaiian. Also because Manaiakalani means “Hook from heaven”, when they heard about the Manaiakalani schools they wanted to meet all the students and teachers.  During the welcoming one of the rangatira,  he said a long but  interesting speech, he called all of us “Children of the navigators”. The rangatira called us the “children of the navigators” because long ago when our ancestors were looking for homes in New Zealand or other places they found their way by using navigation skills. I was filled with alot of emotions that day but the most specific emotion I would use is exhausted and worn out because all day I stood and sang without any water. Also because after all the schools went, children got to participate in this group conversation, I was part of that and we couldn’t find the place we were meant to be at. So we walked back and forth until a lady pointed out where we supposed to be. What a day?

Here is a newspaper clipping of the recount I wrote and I apologize for my work it does not fit my recount in the newspaper clipping properly.

Monday, 30 March 2015

NRL teams

I found out that the most favourite NRL team in room7 is South Sydney Rabbitohs and the least favourite NRL team is Bulldogs,broncos, Knights and Storms.

I learnt how to create a graph using spread sheets, I also found it difficult to add up all the information that I tallied.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What animal I'd be

If I were an animal, I would be a Cheetah because I would like to run  fast like a cheetah and I want to purr like a cheetah. I would like to look strong and bold when I am hunting for my prey. Instead of showers I would have to lick myself, which is pretty gross. All over my body I will have lovely spots, that will look fabulous on me.

Cheetah, Kasi

The fantastic Motuhake show

W.A.L.T Write a review to encourage our readers to watch the Motuhake Show

Motuhake, I am special
Accept who you are because you are special in your own way
Everyone has a special ability inside of us but you just don’t know it, maybe you can sing, dance, mime, do puppetry or make beats with your body
A unique show, with characters with wacky sense of humor
Starring 4 of the main actors, Michael Falesiu, Justin Hau, Eric Ripley and Onetoto
A chest discovered out of nowhere but what is inside is our question?
Hilarious Entertaining Characters
Brilliant performances from students
Involves a 1 hour workshop with 20 students
Made from the wonderful company Healing Through Arts Trust
A breathtaking show that will blow your mind

I learnt how to write a review using interesting words.
I found it difficult to remember some of the events that happened at the Motuhake show

Friday, 20 March 2015

Fun pizza art

I learnt how to make pizza art using fractions.
I found it difficult to draw the pieces of topping on my pizza.

My Awesome trip to Butterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek

W.A.L.T; To write a recount using adjectives and more details.

On Monday the 16th of March 2015, the juniors,  room 7 and 8 went on a bus for a field trip to Butterfly Creek to learn about dinosaur fossils, butterflies and crocodiles.

Once our bus arrived at Butterfly Creek,  we thanked the bus driver as we stepped out of the bus and silently walked towards the main area of Butterfly Creek. One of the employees pointed out where to sit to have our morning tea, we sat at the papillion room where there was maroon leather chairs. The room 7 girls and boys sat separately, the room 7 boys sat at a leather chair beside the girls but there was a wall that separated the chairs.

When all the classes nearly finished eating, two educators that worked at Butterfly Creek introduced themselves, one of the educators name was Sunita and the educator was Paul. Sunita talked to us about all the activities we will be going to.  Afterwards Paul explained to us about dinosaurs fossils, he showed us a tooth that belonged to a  Shark called Megasaurus, a shark that was 13 metres long but now extinct. Paul also  showed dinosaur poop, he said that scientists love dinosaur poop because inside the poop it shows the food that the dinosaurs ate. He told us terrific facts that I did not know.

Then Sunita  sent the classes to their activity, Room 7’s first activity was to go to the Dinosaur Kingdom, when Sunita was speaking to us she also explained that in the dinosaur kingdom there are mechanical dinosaurs. Room7 struggled a little to find the Dinosaur kingdom but at last we arrived at the entrance which had the black flaps dangling down. As we entered we admired the moving T-Rex and the Brontosaurus which was  wagging its tail, a Brontosaurus is also a herbivore, an animal that eats plants. There was Triceratops with little babies and also the ferocious Velociraptor, which I know is a carnivore, an animal that eats meat or flesh. We took funny photos in theses half cracked eggs, there was this egg in a dinosaurs mouth which I sat in. There was a house with dinosaur bones which I think was  made out of clay. I looked at a model of a moa, it was huge and I thought it was a huge kiwi. As soon as room 7 finished admiring the amazing displays, room 1 and 4 entered the Dinosaur kingdom, so room7 moved onto our next activity.

It was a short walk to the train, but all I wanted to do was sit and watch the beautiful view of the mechanical kingdom. Room7 stared at the train with excitement, all of a sudden the room 7 students rushed into the train looking for seats. I ran to the back seats which was nearly full but I was lucky enough. When the train started moving I looked at the trees and plants that were near the train and I wondered if they were native plants being displayed to impress visitors. The train circled around the dinosaur kingdom, it was a wonderful sight to see but unfortunately  the dark tunnel blocked the view and ended up in the same place that we started. The train was a very exciting experience for me.

Once again we could not find our next activity, Mrs.Parker then spotted a cry of goats and I smelt chicken poop. We arrived at a door that said farm so we figured that it was the farm, well obviously.  Before we entered, we had a little talk about speaking softly to the animals and to not chase them.  We walked quietly, towards the barn yard which was filled with rabbits, bunnies, a goat, hamsters and chickens. There was also a huge cage with branches, on those branches were parrots and they were colourful. A group of billy goats ate grass as they stared at us, there was one male billy goat called Ted, his daughters name was Speck, Heidi and Dora. When I entered the farm there were cages in the floor that had different types of bunnies and rabbits. The farm keeper let one of the rabbits out, he said that he was a male, the rabbit was really furry and soft. The rabbit unexpectedly hopped off my lap to sit on hay that was underneath the table. Once again the farm keeper let out 3 small bunnies for us to pet, one of the bunnies were feisty, the other two looked frightened so I gave them back to one of my classmates. I walked over to a white parrot with a small yellow mohawk, I put out my finger and the parrot leaned forward, so i quickly pulled my finger back before he bit my finger off. Before I knew it we had to move onto our next activity, we lined up noisily and waited about 10 or 5 minutes until we left. The farm was a interesting place to be in and it was very fun.

Mrs.Parker and the class was not sure how to find the aquarium, so Mrs. Parker checked her map. On the map it showed that you had to go through the gift shop. We entered a door with blue and light green seaweed straps, it looked like a underwater sea party but on surface. There was a small platform that looked the tip of a pirate ship, with a pirate steering wheel and beside that was a opened treasure chest. Asoon as I took my eyes off the treasure chest, I ran up to huge fish tanks filled with fish. There were colourful fish and most excitingly there was little nemo fish. I had a small little peek at each fish tank and ran over to line up to go to the Butterfly room. When everyone settled down, they lined up and entered the butterfly room, as I walked I thought it was just me getting hot. It turned out that the whole butterfly room was hot, Mrs. Parker explained that the room is hot because in the butterflies natural habitat  it is usually 30 degrees. Inside the butterfly room there were all sorts of butterflies lurking around and small birds that looked barrows but blue and white. I stayed still so hopefully a butterfly can land me, unfortunately not a single butterfly landed on me. The butterfly room was incredible but we had to move on to our next activity.

Later on we went to see the crocodiles, the only crocodile name i remembered was Scarce. He popped his head up head up and went back underwater. After I watched the crocodile i went to watch the smaller crocodiles. There was 3 baby crocs, one of the crocodiles stared at me and followed my movements. Mrs.Card took a photo close up to the crocodiles face, they looked so cute. I quickly ran to catch up with class. Room 7 had to go back to the butterfly room and wait for paul to come out with the tarantula. As we just came in, we squished between the juniors so we could fit. Paul entered the butterfly room with a big tarantula, the tarantula was hairy and had some spots on the bottom of its tummy. Paul said that the tarantula digs a burrow and waits until insects hops buy and then it strikes. Leaving bite marks on the body of the insects. It was horrible but it was just how tarantulas live.

After we watched the tarantula, we had our lunch and I was very hungry. After lunch we went to the crocodile show. At the crocodile show, Paul came in the gate with his professional assistant Robert. During the show Roberto fed Scarce and he did some amazing tricks that i could not believe crocodiles can do. The show then came to end which was disappointing. We all walked back to the papillon room, got our bags and lined up in our classrooms. Before we left to go back to school, I stood up to say a huge thank you for the Sunita and Paul for hosting our trip. Finally we got on our bus and went back to school.

I learnt more information on writing the recount than when I was on the trip.
I found it difficult to remember all the information I learnt on the trip.

What a trip Butterfly Creek was!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Book heading

We read a book and created a book heading with some information to show how creative we are.
I chose Princess diaries because it is the first ever chapter books  have ever read and also because it is a great book.

The heart and the 4 chambers

I learnt that there are 4 chambers in our heart called the left and right atria and also the left and right ventricle.
I found it difficult to match the correct words to the right label.
The atria and ventricle  works as a team to help the heart pump blood around our body. The atria which is filled with blood dumps the blood onto the ventricle, then the ventricle squeezes the blood out pumping blood out of the heart.

The awesome Kiwi kids Quiz

In this quiz I scored 100% which was amazing.

I learnt more about the world when I was playing the quiz. In most of the questions, I searched for the answers but still got them correct.

I found it difficult to use key words to search the questions up.

Here is a link to the quiz, to see if you can beat me- Yeah that's right i'm challenging you:

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Bio Poem about me

Weird, sporty and creative.
Lover of blood sucking vampires, video games and drag racing movies
Who wonders if the world will ever make everlasting pizza
Who fears brain eating zombies, large tarantulas and creepy crawly scorpions
Who feels emotional when it comes to sad true story movies, frightened when lightning strikes unexpectedly and proud when she achieves or receives a prize
Who is able to read a whole chapter book in less than three days
Who would like to film a movie with the most famous stars in the world,
become a famous fashion designer and travel around the world collecting traditional items to remember the time she visited each country
Who dreams of a world with sunlight that doesn't affect human skin

I learnt how to write a proper bio poem which expressed my feelings, fears, dreams, wonders and different information you may have not known about me. I also learnt more about myself while I was writing the poem.

I found it difficult to tell the truth about myself and to describe myself in ways that are interesting.