Thursday, 17 December 2015

Extra for Experts

3. Your team stop at the cafe for pizza. A meat lovers pizza has  8 slicers. There are 15 of you and you want 2 pieces each.
  1. What will the total cost be?

4. 5 people go for lunch. You have $100 to spend and every one needs  to get a different meal, drink and a side.
  1. What might you order?
  2. How much change do you get?

  1. Roasted Kumara-$3.00
  2. Orange Juice-$2.00
  3. Ham & cheese toasted sandwich-$5.95


  1. Green Beans-$4.00
  2. Milk-$1.50
  3. Bacon and Eggs-$11.00


  1. Soft Drink-$2.00
  2. Hot Chips-$4.00
  3. Apple Pie-$6.00

  1. Orange juice-$2.00
  2. Potato Salad-$3.00
  3. Steak and Onion sandwich-$11.95


  1. Corn on the cob-$3.00
  2. Meat lovers Pizza-$12.95
  3. Tap water-FRE


Total of change-$27.50

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

2015 Reflections

This year I did my learning with Mrs Parker in a netbook classroom using Google Drive.

Having a net book made it easier to edit, share and publish my work. Working on my netbook was a great way to share my work easily, also editing my work was easier too. Instead of using a book and rubbing my work out, I can just delete my mistakes using the delete button.

This year I learned how to use a blogging rubric to check my work. The blogging rubric was a big impact in my learning giving me ideas of how to make my work better and how to check if it is level 4 writing.

I did research on WW1 and WW2. Learning about the different weapons they used during their battles. Also finding out info on tanks, machine guns and powerful gases.

The thing I enjoyed learning about most this year was blogging my work because I got to share everything that I had done at school and at home to the world. People around the world had visited my blog encouraging me to work even harder on my blog posts.

I still want to learn more about Disease and medicine because I want to learn how to cure cancer or know what kind of medicine you need to get rid of sickness. One day I would like to take this information to help other people in need of help.

The class trip/activity I enjoyed the most this year was the Stardome Observatory because I was very eager to learn about all the planets especially Jupiter. Learning about planets was what I was looking forward to throughout the whole year because someday I might even consider becoming an astronomer studying new information on each planets.

I am proud of the way I got along with my classmates. At first I did not know most of the students in my class but as the terms past I got to know them better and bonded with them.

Next year I am going to focus on getting to a higher level in maths by learning about percentages and trying to complete my goals for next year.

Mum's Cafe

If you had $25 to spend what would you by from this menu?

1.Hawaiian Pizza-$4.65
2.Ice-cream Sundae-$5.50
3.Orange Juice-$2.00
4.Potato Salad-$3.50

Total $15.65    
Change- $9.35    

1.Hot chips-$4.00
2.Apple pie-$6.00
3.Pancakes/Maple Syrup-$9.50
4.Soft Drink-$2.00


1.Corn on a cob- $3.00
2. Soft Drink- $2.00
3.Ham & Cheese toasted sandwich- $5.95
4.Ice-Cream Sundae- $5.50

Total- $16.45

1.Potato Salad-$3.50
2.Soft Drink-$2.00
3.Ham and Cheese Toasted sandwich-$5.95
4.Chocolate Brownie-$6.00


Group total- $70.95

How many change? Altogether our change was $32.40
Did we have enough money in the end? Yes
All of us had $25 to start with.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Rain Bows End

On the trip to RainBows End, I felt so excited. Though I hadn’t visited RainBows End in ages, I was looking forward for the new rides. The scariest ride I went on was the Stratosphere and my favourite ride was the Invader.

Just as I entered the short line to the stratosphere, I had doubts about going on the ride. But I just wanted to get over it so  can tell people that I have actually gone on the Stratosphere. Finally the gates were open for us to go and sit on the seats. At first we were just rocking slowly and in a matter of seconds we were meters away from the ground. As we came rushing down I felt the my cheeks flapping around like a parachute. Also butterflies flew around in my stomach tickling my insides. Half way through the ride I felt my Harness fall forward and back every time we went flying in the air. From the looks of the other passengers it seemed that I was the own one who was screaming like a lunatic. I was so terrified, I screamed my head off and closed my eyes just hoping that I wouldn't throw up or die.

My favourite ride at Rain Bows end was the Invader. I was very eager to go on the spinning sourcer and just have fun. As we rotated around going up and down the huge ramp, I felt so free. I spread my hands out and started screaming “WOOHHOO, THIS IS SO FUN”. Like the Stratosphere my cheeks flapped sideways in the wind. After the ride I was so mind blown at how much fun it was and how frightened the other passengers looked.

It was such a mind blowing experience and I just hope I can go next year. I also went on 6 other rides which was the power surge, Log flume, Pirate ship, Scorpion Karts, bumper boats and bumper cars . Wow what a fun time that was.!

Fruit eaten by Room 7-Pictograph

Room 7 have been tallying how much fruit they have been eating each day of the week. To then create a pictograph to show how much we have eaten.

On Tuesday more people preferred apples than oranges.
On Monday less people ate oranges than strawberries.
All together Room 7 ate more oranges than all the other fruits over the past week.

My chocolate experience

There’s always a tempting time where you can’t resist the smell or taste of something. Well today we did an activity, including Whittaker chocolates that Mrs.Parker received after creating a wonderful tart recipe. For the activity we received 1 hokey pokey mini chocolate bar. Before we actually got to taste the chocolate, we had to smell the bar, feel the texture of the chocolate and gaze at the chocolate nervously, eager to take a huge bite. It was very tempting watching the chocolate slowly melt into a mud puddle, running down the wrapper like a brown waterfall.

Alas, I couldn't resist the exquisite aroma and the smooth surface of the chocolate bar. Moments later we were asked to devour the chocolate bar, slowly, thinking about the 5 senses. Just as I lifted the chocolate bar a few centimeters away from my nose, the chocolaty scent rushed into my nose. Finally I took a medium sized bite into the chocolate bar and my mouth exploded with excitement. Then I took a humongous bite letting the chocolate melt slowly on my tongue like a river of chocolate. Crunchy hokey pokey bits hit my taste buds like sour grapes. As I slowly devoured the delicious chocolate, I noticed the wrapper just lying on the floor. It caught my eye from its golden colour shining brightly. Finally I finished eating my mini bar, wondering whether I should have eaten slower. But even though the chocolate bar was finished I could still taste the hokey pokey and chocolate hiding in between my teeth.  

If I were to create my own unique mini chocolate bar, I would put crushed Tim tams in the middle, with raspberry fillings oozing out and the base would be white chocolate. I would call it Tim Berry Express and for sure it’s going to taste delicious.