Saturday, 20 December 2014

First day of the Holidays

  • Its the  beginning of the holidays, doing nothing but staring at the beautiful view from the window in my room. I feel so excited because we are going to a Christmas party which will be fun. I am sad that I won't see my teacher and my friends but soon I will come back to school ready.
  • Now the rest of the holidays is a mystery, where would I go?, What will I do? Well its up to my parents so i don't know?????

Friday, 5 December 2014

Zombies hunters goes all out

The Zombie hunters goes all out

There were once three zombie hunters, from Spooksville and they  hated zombies. When I say they  hated zombies, I really mean it. They destroyed every zombie lurking around Spooksville. In Spooksville it is spooky, dark and covered with trees. There are talking trees that try to suffocate  people. There are all types of weird creatures that are seen in the night but not in the day because they are nocturnal. In Spooksville they manipulate your brain with these beautiful mermaids. They act like they are nice and all but once you get close to them, they turn you into their foods.

The zombie hunters names  were Lisa Rode, Cassidy Rode and Felicity Rode. They had a terrible childhood, their parents were eaten alive by zombies. They were fighting for the right of the zombie health committee. They were supposed to kill all the zombies for life with grenades but then zombies  unexpectedly popped out from nowhere and attacked their parents.
One day, the three zombie hunters were travelling to their aunt's house. On the way, to their aunt’s house, there were  flying zombies. Lisa grabbed her machete, swung it around but the ninja zombies were to fast to catch. As  Lisa was chasing the ninja zombies, a huge bulky zombie flew out of nowhere and punched her in the stomach. She fainted as her  sisters flew for help but It was too late to save her.

They took her to a huge cave filled with other prisoners. They were captured for the ninja zombies breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Lisa was locked up in a huge bird cage that was always covered up with a huge blue rag. Once she found out a way to get herself out she wondered where Cassidy and Felicity were.

Cassidy and Felicity were planning to outsmart the huge bulky ninja and the fast moving zombies. First of all they took Karate classes to improve their ninja skills. They also went to the gym to get bulky and they waited until it was the perfect time to attack and to finish what their parents started. They learnt that the way to capture the zombies, were to gain more speed than they had. You still have to move slowly so you can creep up to them and quickly cover them with a laser net

Atlast they crept to a huge rock that was bigger than a elephant.
‘’We need to find a way in without the zombie guards seeing us and setting the alarm that will attract all the zombies in Spooksville’’ whispered Cassidy. ‘’ But still we don’t want any harm to them either, so I am just going to capture them and knock them unconscious. Maybe there is a cure to turn them back to normal humans’’ said Felicity, unexpectedly panicking. ‘’ They saw a entrance that was half covered by a huge  boulder. They were small enough to fit inside the little openings and it seemed  to them that it was a huge whole. They entered the huge cave but there were zombie guards surrounding every main entrance that led into the dungeon.

They had to attack or the  zombie guards  will attack them. Cassidy grabbed her samurai sword, one touch of the sword you faint for about 10 minutes but if you wake up earlier your body will blow up like a balloon and then you POP!!!. Felicity carried nunchucks that contained deadly venom that only knocks you unconscious. You can also die if the nunchucks chooses to. The guards tried to attack Felicity and Cassidy but they were too strong and too fast to catch. One by one they swung there nunchucks and samurai swords at the zombie guards and they fell into a hideous sleep. BANG!! SMACK!! SWOOSH!! The zombie guards all hit by the powerful weapons in the whole entire galaxy.

The whole entire army of zombie ninjas were hiding near the zombie emperors throne. Waiting to attack Felicity and Alex, they used their strategy to capture all the ninja zombies. Once they captured the zombies, they knocked them all unconscious. But there was two more zombies that could never turn good. The emperor and the bulky ninja, it was tough for them just to take the bulky zombie down but they still succeed. They defeated the emperor and the freed  Lisa and many other prisoners from becoming  dinner for the zombies. It was smelly, green and covered with reptiles.

There were still something to do, that something  was to free all the zombies into the world they used to live recongnise. Cassidy and Felicity stole a magic potion from Emma Curl the witch of Spooksville  but even though she was filled with anger. She understood that they were using the potion for good reasons. Cassidy dropped one little drop on to the zombies, they turned into  normal humans.

Even though there are still smelly zombies, there are 3 zombie hunters that will fight for the justice of their people and  to finish what their parents started. They travelled to Atlanta to find their lost cousins that are also zombies hunters. The zombies in Atlanta are way worse then the zombies in Spooksville. There  are zombie giants, zombie knights and the emperor's wife, the queen.This is not the end but just the beginning

Watch out for part 2 The ways of the zombies
Coming soon
The End

The Sea

Information Report

The sea is salty water that covers most of the land in the world and creates huge waves. Some sea waters are polluted. Sometimes earthquakes could happen in the sea which cause Tsunamis or land slides.

There are many creatures in the sea but most of them are fish and some are very dangerous to contact with. The dangerous kind of creatures are mostly likely to be  sharks and Jellyfish. The most dangerous sharks are Great white shark, Tiger shark, Bull shark, Spinner Shark and the Hammerhead shark. There are also Stingrays, Sea snakes, Octopus, Sword fish, Star fish, Snapper and many more.

Some seas are blue but in the Atlantic off the East Coast of the United States usually appears green because there are a lot of plants living under water. It depends where you are like if it was a cloudy day the water will appear grey. The sea could also be blue green mixed up which makes aqua. Some seas are marine reserves which mean it is protected and you can not take anything along with you especially  the seashells  and sea creatures, Sea horses and many other protected creatures.
The sea automatically  changes its tide when it is the afternoon and the morning.

There are lot of seas, for an example the Mediterranean sea, it is connected to the Atlantic ocean. The Caspian sea, the black sea and many other seas.