Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Diamonds Beat Silver Ferns

Name of article that I read: The name of the article is called Diamonds beat Silver ferns.

Author: The author of the article is Shem Banbury.

1. In your own words describe what happened in this news article.
In the article it explains how the Australian Diamonds beat the NZ Silver ferns at the 4th test of the Constellation cup in Christchurch. The Ferns try their hardest to beat the Diamonds after losing to them in the netball world cup and unfortunately do not succeed this time either. Even though they lost, coach Waimarama is still pleased with how each and everyone of the players performed.
2. Find out where this event took place and include some information about this place.
This event took place in Christchurch at Horncastle Arena.
3. Tell us when this event happened and explain what might happen in the future.
This event happened on the 20th of October and like my teacher says “History cannot be repeated”.
4. Use the research tool to find the meaning of 3 words from the article
Definitions from the web
a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure. Modern astronomers divide the sky into eighty-eight constellations with defined boundaries.
existing or coming before in time, order, or importance.

Monday, 19 October 2015

My Holiday

Guess what I did in the Holiday? Well let’s just say I had a pretty ok holiday with nothing to do but clean the house and watch exciting movies on TV and at the cinemas. I visited my grandpa who was in England supporting Tonga at the Rugby World Cup. We also had a large celebration with food to welcome him back to NZ. But my favourite event in the holiday was watching different movies every night and day.

First, we watched a movie called San Andreas. Before we watched the movies we went to the shops to buy juice and five large packets of salted popcorn. Then later on we watched San Andreas. San Andreas really inspired me to think more about earthquakes. If  you're thinking “What is she talking about?” well you would have to watch the movies yourself. Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. San Andreas is such a terrifying, realistic and emotional movie that even my brother started crying and so did I.

Next, we watched another movie called Insurgent. I was very thrilled to watch Insurgent because it is the second  movie of Divergent. The movie has romance, action and very surprising scenes but best of all it had my favourite actors. Shailene Woodley and Theo James who star in Insurgent and are very amazing actors. They are also the main characters in Divergent I had a great time and just cannot wait for part 3 to come out which is called Allegiant and I know part 3 and 4 will be even more epic than the first two. Afterwards we watched a few more movies before taking a break and watching rugby.

At the end of the holidays we took a break from watching movies but I felt relieved because I started having nightmares about all of the movies. All holiday I had watched different types of movies like Action movies, time travel, scary movies and true story movies. My favourite movie I watched in the holidays was Pixels, not only did Pixels include old arcade games the US soldiers had to fight the evil arcade games like Pacman, Lady Lisa and the amazing Donkey kong. Wow! It turns out my holiday was a blast and not just ok. Now I can’t wait for the next holiday to come even if it means more cleaning and watching more movies.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Gratitude and Reflections

In 2015, I am grateful for interschool sports, my wonderful classmates and meeting the silver ferns. Also at the end of the year I would like to achieve top academic in my class.

Throughout the year I have joined and participated in interschool sport events representing Glenbrae School along with other students. I joined cross country, soccer and netball. For cross country I cam 13th, in netball my team came 4th and also came 4th in soccer. Even though I didn’t come first, second or third in cross country I felt proud that I tried my best. In netball I thought that we did a great job at attacking and defending the opposite team. The most important rule in sports is to have fun and try your best.

Also throughout the year my classmates attitude had progressed. We have been using more manners and have been better active listeners. We have been through lessons about controlling our anger and actions. We have done roleplays about doing the right things in school like using our WITS. Yeah once in awhile we are fighting or getting frustrated at each other but we are getting better. We all know to ignore those who bully or annoy you so you're not saying anything bad to them and they are not saying bad words backs. I am so happy I got to work, play and contribute with all my classmates and let’s just say what 4 terms its has been. (Actually I would like to be in the same class next year)

Later on in the year, I was lucky enough to meet the one and only Silver ferns netball players,(some of them) along with 9 other students and at least 6 other schools. Before we actually got to meet the Silver Ferns  we met with the other schools at the St Kentigern sport hall. In the hall we had done fun warm ups with the St Kent's Premier  Netball team, who came nearly 1st in the college tournament not 2nd. After the warm ups we met with the Silver Ferns at the the St Kent’s Netball court. The Silver Ferns held activities at every post at each court. The first fern we were with was Grace Rasmussen and carried onto each of the other fern players learning new skills about shooting, attacking and defending. But the best thing going on the trip was watching mary make close friends with all the Silver Fern players and having fun.

At the end of the year I would like to achieve and become top academic. By becoming the top academic in my class I have to work twice as hard to reach the national standard. In writing I am 3A, in Maths I am 3P and I am also 3P in Reading. So I need to go up a level in each of my subjects to reach the national standard To reach 3A in maths I need to work certain problems I have trouble with like Decimals. In Reading I have to get better at reading between lines and inferencing better. Also by becoming top academic in my class I would be very proud of myself and so would my family. Even if I don’t achieve my goal or don’t become top academic I will try even harder the next year.

So far this year I am very grateful for participating in interschool sport events, having awesome class mates and meeting and making friends with the Silver Ferns. At the end of the year I would hopefully achieve my top goal of becoming the top academic girl in my class.

Why the earth spins

For reading this week I had to choose a Kiwi Kid News article to read and then create 6 questions with 4 answers but only 1 right answer. The article I read is called Why the earth spins.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

10 Day Challenge-1 pic

Yay its the end of the 10 Day challenge for me and I am so proud to say that I learnt more about myself from this challenge. Now for the last day of the challenge I have to insert one picture of myself. Well in my picture its not exactly just me! :)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

10 Day Challenge-2 Songs

Now I am absolutely close to finishing the 10 Day Challenge and today I will be listing my 2 favourite songs along with my 2 favourite singers.

1-My first favourite song is What do you mean by Justin Bieber. His songs are just so irresistible to listen to and are very catchy.

2-My second but last favourite song is called Chivalry is dead by Trevor Wesley. Again its a very catchy song but when you watch the dance video you can see that the dancers choreographed the moves excellently.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

10 Day challenge-3 Films

1-My first favourite movie is Insurgent, a movie about a world split into 4 fractions.
2-My second favourite movie is San Andreas, a movie about a terrifying earth quake in San Francisco.
3-Last but not least my third favourite movie is Poltergeist, a movie about a house built ontop of a cemetery and when a family moves in the spirits in the house take their daughter.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

10 Day Challenge-4 books

Today I will be listing my 4 favourite books and trust me this is my favourite part of this challenge.

1-My first favourite book is called Princess Diaries because Princess Diaries has been made into a film so not only can I read it I can watch it.
2-My second favourite book is called Everything Under the Sun, a story about 2 cousins who try to win over there grandmas attention when they visit her.
3-My third favourite book is called That's the way the cookie crumble, Abby raises money for her Daises club so they can go on a trip to Paris.
4-Last but not least my last favourite book is called Tom Gates YES! NO, maybe,  Tom tries his best to get a golden star from his teacher and everyone but Tom has received one.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Family Reunion

On Saturday my family went to my Uncles house to reunite with my dads brothers and dad. Who we last saw since 2011.

Before we left though we cooked potato salad, chop sue and Tongan cake. Then my dad dropped off the older kids at the train station because there was no room for them in the van. Once my dad had dropped them off all the smaller kids including me got into the van and buckled our seat belts. Once in a while my mum would receive a text from the older kids saying where they were. They were on their to the Middle More train station waiting for us to pick them up.

Finally we arrived at my uncle's house, as we went in I saw most of my relatives and I was so happy to see my Grandpa. Also everybody was already eating so we sat on the mat and ate pizza before we went and ate more food. On the table where all the food was set, there was cooked mussels, pieces of pig, fish, potato salad and Lu.(traditional Tongan food)But before I ate I went with my dad and Sia to look for the older kids.
Atlast we found them walking towards the main road to my uncles house.

As we arrived back at the house I ate a lot of food and so did my older brothers and sisters. Then after everybody ate and drank we played outside in the backyard. My brother and I were playing kicks with a small rugby and then I accidentally kicked the ball to the neighbours house. I ran inside like nothing happened, everybody else followed and so we played Chinese Whispers. 

A few minutes later my grandpa got dressed up to got to the airport. Once he packed his clothes and finished dressing up we took a lot of photos. He said that he will comeback with grandma and my cousins in December. But this time their staying over at my house. Then Grandpa left with my cousins, uncle and aunty to the airport but we stayed behind with my parents. My dad dropped off the older kids off while they were gone and when he came back we were all going to go. While they were gone we watched a movie which they downloaded into their TV. The movie was called WWZ,(World War Zombies) it was such a terrifying movie but we left before the movie finished.

I was so sad because Grandpa left and I only got to see him fr a few hours. But relieved because I was going to see him again. Our family reunion was so emotional and fun.

10 Day challenge-5 foods

Today is the 5th day of the 10 day challenge so I am almost finished and I am listing my 5 favourite foods.

1-My first favourite food is Pizza, I just love the taste of the hot mozzarella on top of my pizzas and to finish it off with sauce and bacon.
2-Then its Ice-cream, I think when ice-cream melts it's much better cause you get more liquid which tastes amazing.
3-Eggs, my favourite types of eggs are scrambled eggs, I can add sliced tomatoes and cheese to finish off the meal before I eat it.
4-Pancakes, the taste of pancakes with syrup on top just moisturises the pancake giving it a sponge cake texture.
5-Last of all my favourite food is a big mac burger from Mac Donald's, in the burger there are 2 beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

Friday, 2 October 2015

10 Day challenge-6 places I want to go

Today is the 4th day of the 10 Day challenge and I am listing 6 places I want to go.

1-I want to go to Paris to see the Eiffel tower and to eat their magnificent food.
2-I want to visit San Francisco to see the highest buildings and cross the Golden Gate bridge along with the Oakland Bay bridge.
3-I want to go to London to see the Buckingham Palace and to meet the Queen.
4-I want to go to my homeland Tonga to see all my relatives and to swim in their wonderful beaches.
5-I would like to go to Holly Wood to see famous people and to take a picture at the Holly Wood sign.
6- Last of all I would like to go to Rio to see the statue Christ The Redeemer. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Movie Night Again

Yesterday night we had family movie night again, but this time the movie was called Insurgent. Insurgent is part 2 of Divergent which was also awesome. I really liked the movie, it shows how the people are divided into 4 fractions and it turns out it was all an experiment created by the mysterious people outside the gate. If your thinking What is she talking about.? You'll soon find out when you watch Insurgent, there was a lot of action scenes which I really enjoyed. But I mostly enjoyed watching one of my favourite actors Shailene Woodley and Theo James are also the main characters of the film. Now I cannot wait for part 3 which is called  Allegiant and I know part 3 is going to be even more epic then the first two.

10 Day Challenge-7 Wants

Today is the 3rd day of the 10 Day Challenge and I have to write 7 things that I want.

1-I want there to be more girls in my family than the boys because there are only 5 girls and 8 boys.
2-I want to have an everlasting ice-cream maker so I can have ice-cream everyday.
3-I want to have Grand Theft auto as a new game for our family's PS4.
4-I want to be the best ever earth quake predictor and fire rescuer in the USA and NZ.
5-I want to have a part time job working at Rain Bow End and on my breaks I get to go on every ride.
6-I want everybody in my family to have a bright future when they are older especially me.
7-I want to get a hover car for my 21st birthday with doors that open automatically going up.