Monday, 29 May 2017

Parco Play-Clubs

In my club, Parco play, we were supposed to carry on our play ground "blue" print but instead we did free handwriting. Which is practically just sketching.

After flicking through several images, looking for a easy but decorative sketch to draw, I found a alluring image which I loved very much. It was simple and very possible to draw. During our club, we talked, drew and at the same time we also continued our play ground work. Here is the exemplar drawing, I drew off of. Club today, was very fun!.
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Financial Literacy- Earning/Saving money💸

Today, we were visited by our financial literacy tutors, Adam and Matt. We are going to be having them for a hour for four days, each morning to teach us about....well financial literacy!.

Matt, who we had tutor us last year, refreshed our memories on how to save money, earn, how to invest more money and how to reduce our expenses. We talked in our house groups about these topics and did some individual activities. Matt and Adam gave us various worksheets, some about the ways we can earn money, like doing chores, holding fundraisers, fun runs, paper runs, etc. We were also given worksheets about reducing expenses at an young age such as making home made lunch, spend less money on lollies, etc.

At the end of our session, we were quizzed by both Matt and Adam. The outcome was a success. Tomorrow, Matt and Adam are going to be coming back, but teaching us about a different topic, which I am looking forward too!.
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Friday, 26 May 2017

Poetry language feature poster!

Our sharing work for this week, was to create a Poetry language feature poster!. My Poster includes a few language feature you can include in your Poems to make it more interesting. Along with the language features, I have found and written some examples of those language features.
Personally, my favourite language features would be Personification and Alliteration.

Cheetah🐆 Poem

I created this poem using our group poem templates created by Miss. Ogam.

Four expeditious legs
Two triangular ears
One flexible spine
Agilely, Hunting, Pouncing
Vigilant, Erractic
Dashes through the air like a bird
The nimble hunters of Africa

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Animal research/brainstorm_Poetry

Animal research/brainstorm

My Animal is:
My animal is a Cheetah🐆
3 images of my animal:
Image result for Cheetah
Image result for Cheetah
Image result for Cheetah
Watch a video of your animal choose words to describe:
  • How it moves
It moves Agilely
  • What it sounds like
It sounds like a bird, when it communicates
  • How its body parts move
It’s body parts move rapidly, they are very vigilant. They also have a flexible spine which cause it’s hind legs to reach forward and accelerate, pushing forward, charging the body forward.
Where in the world does your animal live?
Cheetahs mainly live in the eastern and western parts of Africa. They also live in parts in Iran.
Is your animal endangered?
Cheetahs are quite vulnerable, so yes!.
Some interesting facts about your animal:

  • Cheetahs are the fastest land animals on earth
  • Cheetahs have about 2000-3000 spots on their body, which help them camouflage
  • King Cheetah's has a pattern mutation. It’s rounded rings turn into joined patches, stripe like. This happens due to the lack of genetic diversity
Choose some words to describe:

  • Its eyes
Highset eyes of amber
  • Its ears
Semi-circle shape, upright,
  • It’s nose
Triangular shaped, black
  • It’s fur/skin/feathers/scales...
Spotty, sleek, tawny to golden toned fur, coarse fur,
  • Its legs/arms
  • Its teeth/mouth
Quite paltry, compared to it’s other feline relatives
Choose some words to describe your animal overall.
A swift predator

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sign language with Tom

Today, we received a very special visitor. Tom from Deaf Aotearoa, visited Room 7 to teach us sign language.

At first we hadn't known that Tom was deaf, when we did find out he was, it was quite hard. We tried our hardest to read his lips, but we still managed to find out what he was saying. The first part of sign language he taught us was how to sign the alphabet using 2 hands. We repeated the alphabet 2 times so we get used to the hand movements. Then we had to learn how to sign our names and these phrases "You name what?", and "My name is". We practiced for about 5 minutes, and within those 5 minutes I had nailed both lines and my name.
Image result for how to sign the alphabet 2 hand

Later on we moved to learning how to sign colours. We repeated the signs 4 times to assure that we had the signs of the colours nailed. The colours we learned were the rainbow colours, pink, black and white.

Afterwards, taught us how to sign numbers, from 1 to 10. It was not the same finger movements we all knew. From the numbers 6 to 10 it was different but we all got the hang of it once we went over the signs a couple of times. During our number lesson we also learnt how to sign "rocket".

The next subject Tom taught us, was how to sign animals!. Some animals he showed us using pictures and  then signing the animals. Other animals, he wrote the name down and we had to guess the sign. It was so fun!, we learnt how to sign various of animals including Penguins, Lion, Snake, Monkey, Giraffe, etc. At the same time we learnt how to say 'What's you favourite animal", in sign language.

We then moved onto the next subject which was gender and family including man, woman, girl boy, sister, brother, baby, mum and dad. For me, learning the signs to these words were much harder to remember!.

Before Tom left, he spoke confidently "Before I leave, does anybody have questions", everyone was surprised that he could talk because through out the whole session he hadn't spoken a word. So we all assumed he couldn't speak, but according to Tom, he had lots of practice!. We asked our questions to him about being able to talk, the amount of time it took him to learn sign language, etc. As Tom was leaving we signed "good bye" and he signed back!.

At the end of day, everyone in class felt proud to know that they knew how to sign certain words. I then realized how hard it is for those who are deaf, how much time it takes for them to be fluent at sign language too!. I admire those who don't have the ability to hear and use sign language, because they're very skilled!. My friends and I are practicing everyday, so that once day we will be fluent at sign language.

Monday, 22 May 2017

What is it?_Descriptive writing

Our writing task was to write a descriptive writing about a object placed on the table. See if you can identify the mystery object!.

I beheld a cubed figure from a distant. It drew me closer, wide eyed. My first view of it, white, thick and luscious surface, with piped light bubble gum patterns running along the top rim. The bubble gum shaded icing being polished and shaped perfectly, but very delicate. Below the rim of pink deliciousness, the white surface continues downside, this time with striped rugged lines running  from one side to the other.
It’s cubed, uneven shape ruins the surprise of goodness!. The velvet face is exposed on the front, and both sides of it. Though the sight seems alluring, one touch as dry and solid as a brick wall. The velvety goodness is interrupted by a broad layer of brown, aromatic, desirable chocolate. It is sandwiched with another bed of velvet, but still visible.
Beads of velvet, sit impatiently on the gleamy glass surface. Alongside on the velvet, lies droplets of the bubble gum shaded cream. Both blemish the glass surface, giving the impression of messiness.
Other than the lack of effort in appearance, nothing can take away the bitter sweet aroma. The only thing worthy of being tempted by. But it just sat there, teasing me with it’s heavenly scent, knowing that I couldn’t do anything but watch in awe. And so I did

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3D shape recongnition♦️♥️

For maths, we were put into 3 groups for the rest of the week. The groups are called Sphere, Cube and Pyramid. The group names are shapes because our class math focus for the week is Geometry. Each group are assigned checkpoint activities. Cubes had to work on Check Point 3. In each checkpoint there are our Learn activities, Create activities and Share activities.

My group's learn activity were to identify the many parts of a 3D/2D shaped, such as vertex, edges and faces of a shape. Our create activity was to create various 3D shapes using tooth picks and mini marshmallows. Lastly, for our share activity we had to explain to the group what shapes we made and the extra designs too. We also had to say what we learnt from the activity and one thing we found challenging.

Personally, I found the learn stage quite easy and the create stage easy too. I learnt several new shapes as I was creating my marshmallow shapes. Overall, I found the math lesson educating and very fun also, I especially enjoyed using the marshmallows!.

The shapes Angelica, Newsam and I created were a square based prism, cuboid, hexagonal prism, pentagonal pyramid, cube and triangular prism.

Photos of some of the shapes we created!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Rabbit 🐇care booklet

For reading and our inquiry learning, my class have been reading several articles and stories on animal abuse, as well as caring for animals. We decided to create a care booklet about a certain animal. I chose to create a care booklet about rabbits, using Google slides.

 In my booklet, it contains information about the environment you rabbit should be living in, what food to give your pet, and what to food you should avoid giving your rabbit. It also includes information such as Exercise for your rabbit and keeping your rabbit healthy. I hope that by making and sharing this booklet, it will not only encourage rabbit owners, but owners of variety animals, to take care of their pets and be a responsible pet owner. I hope you enjoy my care booklet!.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Camp Quotes

I have chosen to do camp quotes due to our recent conversations/meetings about our Glen Brae school camp, which we will be going on in approximately 13 weeks!. I am very excited, which is why I am doing Camp Quotes. Here are a few of my favourite camp quotes.

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My maze game relating to Sustainability

In the context of Sustainability I have design and produce a Maze Game for 11-15 year olds to be used to solve a problem about Vandalism and making sure that our community is clean.

My game is not finished, I have to make a few adjustments to my codes so that my challenges are complete and can fully work. But other than that you able to navigate through the maze.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Bill English visits St Bernadette

On Mother day, our Parish (St Bernadette) received a shocking surprise. As my family walked through the main path to our church, we spotted 2 men, suited up with a ear piece in their ears. We immediately guessed that someone important was visiting our church.

Little did we know that the important person was non-other than the New Zealand Prime minster. Yes!, Bill English. He stayed throughout the whole mass!. During holy communion, he was in line ready to receive the bread. That was when I learnt something new about him, apparently he's catholic. My siblings and I watched like Hawks as he passed us, we then turned to each other and muttered, "Oh my gosh......that's Bill English!". That was the last we had saw of him, until the mass was finished.

As the prime minster made his way outside of the church, many parishioners surrounded him, shaking his hands and hugging him. It was not until we reached outside, we got a better view of Bill English. Everyone seemed so star struck, taking photos with him and then turning around with a shocked face. If you are wondering whether I got a photo with him, I did indeed. He was very nice, and welcoming, he was open to take photo's without being rude!.

Soon, the private shoot ended. Bill English,  (i'm assuming they were his) Secretary and body guards entered a grey vehicle and drove away. I had joined meeting him, for he was very nice.

My mum(Nolini) and Mapui(Parishioner) with Bill English

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Chow Chow report writing

The Chow Chow is a dog breed that originates from Northern China, where they are indicated  as Songshi Quan (鬆獅犬), which means “Puffy Lion dog”. It is also referred to as Tang Quan, “Dog of the Tang Empire”.
Chow’s are very fluffy animals with thick fur, that come in a variety of colours. This is including  fawn, cream, red, blue, dark brown and black coloured fur. They are sturdily built, with a broad skull and with, triangular, upright ears. Chow chows are eminent due to it’s bizarre blue-black/purple tongue and straight hind legs. The blue-purple tongue is dominant. Many mixed breeds that come from a Chow Chow contain that feature. Chow’s are the only dogs with a peculiar coloured lip. Other dogs have black or piebald patterned rims and the Chow Chow’s lips are bluish.  Their eyes are customarily almond shaped and deep set. Another distinctive aspect, is it’s curly tail. It has a thick amount of hair and lies curled on it’s back. Female Chow’s weigh 20-27 kgs, and male Chow’s weigh 25-32 kgs. They’re average height being, for females, 46-51 cm high and male Chow’s are 48-56cm high.
Chow chow’s are not your typical looking dogs, they are more loyal, independent, dignified, intelligent, aloof and quiet dogs. This distinctive breed has a noble, subservient spirit that some describe as cat like. It’s said that the Chow has the dignity of a Lion, the drollness of a Panda, the appeal of a teddy bear, the agility and independence of a cat and the allegation and devotion of a dog.  It’s look might make you think it’s mean or testy, but a well-raised Chow Chow isn’t aggressive.
They have a variety of impressive/weird characteristics. Types such as adaptability, all around friendliness, trainability and health grooming. When it comes to these dogs, their ability to adapt is adequate. Chow’s can adapt to an array of homes. From palaces to apartments. Chow’s can tolerate being alone and cold weather but not hot weather, so keep them indoors when the weather is oppressive. They are more suitable to live with older children or adults, who know how to treat dogs sensibly(most adults!). If the Chow has positive encounters with strangers during it’s more innocent and impressionable years as a puppy, it would handle strangers with more composure as an adult dog. adaptability
Having an amicable chow is not very common. Because Chow’s are very aloof, they wouldn’t show much affection towards some owners, they aren't  dog friendly towards kids, or strangers. They aren’t very fond of hugs or loud commotion but they’ll be a silent, observant companion to its cherished person, and their adherence enhance other family members. All around friendliness
As for their ability to be trained, they are quite obedient, though it takes time for them to be tamed. Their potential for mouthiness is very likely, they like to gnaw on humans at times. The same goes for their potential to gain weight, they have a high risk of gaining weight so owners of this breed have to be careful what they feed them. Health/grooming
One of the greatest of the Chows characteristics is that their tendency to howl or bark is very uncommon. They aren’t energetic, nor are they playful. If you are looking for a dog to run, exercise, play with, Chow chow’s aren’t for you!. Trainability
Songshi Quan, very ancient dogs, are believed to be one of the first dog breeds and genetic testing has proven this to be true. Depictions of dogs that resemble Chow chows appear in pottery and paints in Han Dynasty(the second imperial dynasty of China). One emperor had stated that he had kept 2,500 pairs of Chow Chow’s for hunting. In addition to hunting, Chow’s were used to guard their owners most prized possessions.
In China, the breed has been called by several names. Black-tongue dog (hei shi-tou), wolf dog (lang gou), bear dog (xiang gou), and Canton dog (Guangdong gou).
British merchants incorporated some of the lion like dogs in their cargos. Sundry items, including canines, were referred to as “chow chow” and the name stuck to the breed.
The dog breed was quite popular in England. Queen Victoria, who loved dogs, took a interest in them which made their popularity grow. In 1895, a breed club formed in England because of Chow’s. Chow Chow’s have also encountered with President Calvin Coolidge, yes!, that’s right President of America!. Calvin and his wife kept a red and black Chow Chow. They were indeed very famous.
According to Chinese legend, chow’s got it’s tongue colour at the time of creation, when a Chow licked up drops of the colour as the sky was being painted.
How much Chow chow’s eat and what they eat depend on their size, age and activity level. Chow Chow’s have been found to have a very delicate diet, so they should be fed carefully. In China, the Chow’s were fed various  food that other live stocks were fed, including rice, soy, and certain kind of fish. Modern day chows, who are living a more civilized life, can still eat these kind of food as well. Rice can be fed to the dogs, but should only be served a small amount, for they could get nightmares. Vegetables are also part of their diet, their diet should contain at least 50% of Protein. Introduce new food gradually. That way you can wait to see for bad or good reactions. As for normal dog food, it’s been recommended that they be fed  2 to 2 3/4 cups of a high-quality dog food daily. The trick for a healthy diet, is to balance those foods with the food us modern people know are favourable.   
These puffy lion dogs are unique. From its blue tongue feature to its fascinating history.  A dog who shows signs of maturity through their actions and their body language itself, would be easily recognized as a Chow Chow. These canines have been revered by many, for centuries. It is very likely that they will continue to be kept by pet lovers for many years to come.

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For maths today, my group, taha, were focusing on one strategy. This strategy being, Reversability. We had to answer the problems below, and show our working out, creating a diagram like the one below. Here are the problems and my final answers. 

Last week we worked on using reversibility to solve problems in addition and subtractions. Below is an example of how you can use reversibility.

Problem 2 Sarah has $466 in her bank account and spends $178 on a new phone, how much money does she have left in her bank account?

$466 - $178 is the same as saying how much do you need to add to $178 to get $466. $178 plus $22 makes $200, plus $200 more makes $400 plus $66 makes $466. If you add up $22 plus $200 plus $66 you get $288.
number line diagram.

Solve these problems using reversibility. Please show your working out like the diagram above.

  1. Sarah has $288 in the bank. She then deposits her pay cheque for $127 from her part time job at PetCare. How much does she have now? 161
  2. 628 - 342=286
  3. 537 - 261=276
  4. 742 - 353=389
  5. 1521 - 754=767
  6. 1762 - 968=794
  7. 1656 - 867=789
  8. Sally had 10032 buttons. She sold a collection of 1028. How many does she have left? 9004
  9. Susan had 1083 centimeters of ribbon. She used 893 centimetres on a project. How many centimetres are left? 190 CHALLENGE - how many metres is that? 1 metre and 90 centimeters: 1.9
  10. Tawhiri cycled 3872 metres of a 10729 m race in three days. How many more metres does he have to cycle?

Here are the reversibility diagrams that I had drew. In the images, it also contains my answers and how I worked it out.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Term 2 clubs✨

Today after lunch, we had Glenbrae school's first clubs for 2017. Clubs, are when we have a variety of groups such as cooking groups, sewing, arts and crafts, dance, (etc). Each student in the school have to choose the club of their choice. The club I chose to be in was Modeling and Parco play.

In my club, we had to design a playground!. In my design, I had several amazing ideas, including mini trampolines in the ground, a pyramid with various obstacles, a parallel rock climbing and my favourite!, a flying fox. When we completely finish our designs, later on we are going to make little models of our playground.

I am looking forward for this part!. I had enjoyed today's session.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Netball P.E session

Today Room 7 had a Netball session, we played netball games with Mrs.Tofa and learnt netball skills with Miss.Ogram(Our new student teacher!).

We were split into two teams, one had to play a game of netball and the other team went with Miss.Ogram. I was in the first team with Mrs. Tofa. I played GA(Goal Attack) and C(Centre). I had loads of fun but it was quite challenging. The opposite team were very good!.

Once we had finished our game we were supposed to go have a lesson with Miss.Ogram, but the other team were in need of extra players so I and 5 other students joined in. I played Goal attack the whole time this time. I had way more fun in this game, mainly cause my team was winning. My opponent was really good!, it was quite hard to get past her but I managed to do it a couple of times. When it was time to finally go to Miss.Ogram's programme we took our bibs off and lied it neatly on the round, for the other team to put on.

Miss. Ogram taught us several passing skills, including over head pass, shoulder pass, bounce pass and the chest pass. We also learnt how to pivots. Afterwards we played Paper Scissors rock. The game was quick and fun but when it was my turn it was time for my team to play another game.

We had a quick game of Netball. The opposite team were really putting the pressure on us but we still manged to get the ball and get several goals in. I had so much fun in this game!.

i had so much fun today, because I haven't played Netball in a long time, I was quite rusty, so ou session was a good warm up for me!. I hope that we can have another Netball session like this!.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Taha math prroblems

For maths today, Taha group worked together on a shared a google docs together to solve several math problem that we were given. Here are the problems.

 We are still in working mode but we are yet to finish.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Phileas Foggs✈️

I had read a book about Phileas Foggs, but the mouse version, the Geronimo series. The book was about Phileas Foggs a Protangonist(A leading role in a story) who was famous for traveling around the world in eighty days. He is a very wealthy, well behaved, organized and prosperous man. But it explains the details of why he did what he did, but more funnier. In the book, I read that it was because of a bet but I am yet to finish the book.

You have probably heard of him from the movie, Around the World in 80 Days. 

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