Monday, 31 July 2017

Science Intensive: Earthquakes

Last week, Room 7 had three science intensive lessons. The lessons were about Earthquakes, Insulation and the three states of matter, (I actually only went to two lessons because I was away on one lesson). My favourite session was our Earthquake lesson with Ms.Sigamoney.

We did a information activity, where we watched a video about the various movements of the tectonic plates. I learnt the four most common ways they can move in which are. The plates move in four different ways. The plates could slide past each other, the plates could collide,  they move past each other, etc. It was quite fascinating learning these.

Our next activity was a more physical and hands on activity. We were told to create a earthquake proof out of 30 straws, clips, needles and a two meter long string. The challenge was to create a 2 story building out of the materials we were given. The building had to be stable and sturdy enough, that it can hold 20 grams of sand and a little bit of shaking. My group failed at first, but we redeemed ourselves and created a tower that looked a bit similar to the real model. The point of the activity was to make a building that was earthquake prone.

We carried on learning about making buildings more earthquake prone. Also how to reduce damage to a building during an earthquake. It all depends on the height of the building, structure material, the support of the building and the roof structure.

Out of all the activities we had done, I enjoyed building the house structures the most, it was fun and informative too!. I had loads of fun and

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