Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How to play Netball Rugby

Yesterday, my class was given the task to create a piece of procedure writing, which is the genre my class is focusing on this week, about How to play Netball Rugby. Basically Procedure is like a guide or following step to step instructions of how to do something. An example of a procedure is a Recipe, Recipes have several instructions of how to bake or to cook something.

 This is my short procedure writing on How to play Netball Rugby. Hopefully my procedure writing is well written enough that you know how to play!.

How to play Netball Rugby

Netball Rugby is a combination of two sports put together to create one game. The game contains netball rules and is played with a rugby ball, but any ball is suitable.

Netball rules are incorporated in the game, rules including no stepping with the ball, three feet away and three seconds with the ball. The rugby part incorporated in the game is the rugby ball and rugby passes.

Once you know the rules, positioning is the next step. There should only be two teams, with as many players as you prefer but as long as the teams are equal. Each team stand opposite to each other in a line in the middle of the court. One person, preferably the referee, stands in between both teams and then tosses the ball through the middle. Both teams make an attempt to receive the ball.

To win the game, the team with the ball must make their way to the end of the opposite court, following all rules, and place the ball in the try area. The team that scores the most amount of points win the game.


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