Tuesday, 1 August 2017

All about fire study questions

One of the activity's my class were given by Mr.Naf in our science intensive lesson about fire, we were given questions to answer using a website(All about fire). Here are the questions and the my answers.

  1. What is fire?
1a) A fire is a process in which substances are combined with oxygen igniting and creating light, heat and smoke. Fire is a substance that gives power, which is also a chemical reaction.
  1. What are the three components of fire?
2a) The three components of fire are
  • Fuel (A flammable liquid that will burn)
  • Heat (High temperature that will forsure burn fuel)
  • Air(Oxygen)

  1. Identify and name the stages in a fire
3a) The stages in a fire are
  • Ignition: Fuel, Air, Oxygen that ignites and creates a chemical reaction. To prevent further damage, this stage could be stopped by a fire extinguisher
  • Growth: As the flames begin to ignite, convection and radiation ignate more surfaces. The size of the flames then increase largely
  • Decay: Fire eats up any available fuel around, the flames slowly decrease and the fire's intensity also decreases

  1. Fire spreads in three different ways. What are these different ways?
4a) The three ways are
  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

  1. What are the four ways for putting out fires.
  • Cool the burning material
  • Exclude oxygen
  • Remove the fuel
  • Break the chemical reaction
6.      How are fires classified?
6a)Fires are based on the fuel type.
7.       Describe each types of fire.
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