Monday, 17 October 2016

Chapter One Summary-Private PeacefulšŸŒ»

Private peaceful is the novel my reading group is reading. We read a chapter a week also completing worksheets we are given based on the chapter we have read. This is my brief summary on the first chapter.

Chapter one: Five Past ten
In the first chapter, Tommo Peaceful, a soldier at war tries to flash back to his child hood moments at school when he first started. He also remembers his dads funerals and how he regretted not running away from the falling tree or his father would still be alive. His brother, Charlie Peaceful, is introduced and he is three years older then him. Charlie is caring and tough, he stands up for Tommo, even gets into fights for him. Also Mrs. Peaceful, Molly, Mr. Munning, Big Joe, Miss. McAllister and Molly is introduced.


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